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Signs - Dinner

-Merrill: I’ll make some 1.____.
-Bo: I want 2.____.
-Merrill: We should be fast, Bo.
-Graham: Spaghetti sounds great. What do you want Morgan?
-Morgan: Anything? French toast…and 3.____ potatoes.
-Graham: Now we’re talking! How about you Merrill?
-Merrill: 4.____ Teriyaki.
-Graham: Good choice. I’m going to have a 5.____ with bacon. Extra bacon.

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Scary Movie 2 - Dinner

 -Butler: Well ah, who would like some 1.____? That’s what I like to hear.

 -Cindy: Hey, these 2.____ look good.

 -Ray: Oh, yeah! And they’re so soft and warm. -Jason: Ray!

 -Ray: Oh! I’m sorry. My bad.

 -Cindy: They’re delicious!

 -Butler: Thank you, my child. I’ve made them by hand. Ok. Here we go. I think the 3.____ are just about done.

 -Butler: I’m just gonna give them one quick 4.____ here. Okay now! Dig in!

 -Butler: All right. Now it’s time for the 5.____.

V for Vendetta

-Woman: V?

-V: Ah! Bonjour mademoiselle.

-Woman: I just wanted to apologize for my reaction last night. I understand what you did for me and I want you to know I am grateful…your hands?

-V: Yes, there, that’s better. I hope I didn’t putt you off your 1.____.

-Woman: No please, just, are you all right?

-V: Yes, yes, yes. I’m fine.

-Woman: Can I ask what happened?

-V: There was a fire a long time ago, ancient history for some. Not really very good 2.____ conversation.

-V: Now, would you care for a cup of 3.____ with your 4.____?

-Woman: Yes, thank you. I’m 5.____ actually.

-V: Have a seat.

Eating Pizza

-Woman1: Let me ask you a question. In all the years you’ve ever undressed in front of a gentleman…

-Woman2: It hasn’t been that many.

-Woman1: …All right, well, has he ever asked you to leave? Has he ever walked out, left?

-Woman2: No.

-Woman1: Because he doesn’t care. He’s in a room with a naked girl, he’s won the lottery. I’m so tired of saying no, and then waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I 1.____ the day before, counting every 2.____ I consumed so I kwon exactly how much self-loathing to take him to the shower. I’m going for it. I’m no interest in being 3.____. I’m just through with the guilt, so this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna finish this 4.____ and then we’re gonna go watch the soccer game and tomorrow, we’re gonna go on a little 5.____ and buy ourselves some bigger jeans.    

Burnt - Michelin Guide

-Man: Do you know about the Michelin?

-Woman: It is a book.

-Waitress: It is the book, Yana! The bible.

-Man: Michelin send its inspectors to 1.____ to eat and award stars. One, two, three.

-Cook: Or none.

-Man: No one knows who they are, no one. They come, they eat, they go. But, they have habits. They have to stick to a routine to give every restaurant the same chance. Michelin men 2.____ in pairs.

-Woman: Sometimes the Michelin can even be a woman.

-Man: They always 3.____ a table before 7:30. The first of the pair arrives early and has a drink at the bar. His partner arrives half an hour later. One orders the tasting menu and the other one à la carte. Always! They order half a 4.____ of wine, they ask for tap water, they wear business suits, they’re polite, but attention. They may place a 5.____ on the floor under the table, to see if you notice, and they wouldn’t drop it because that could make a noise and make it too easy.

-Cook: Everything from now on must be perfect. Not good, not excellent, perfect!

Food Truck

-Boy: Hey mom!

-Mother: Where are you?

-Boy: I’m in Austin.

-Mother: Are you ok?

-Boy: I’m great!

-Mother: How’s your daddy?

-Boy: You can talk to him.

-Dad: Hi, Ness.

-Mother: Hi, do you want me to go pick him up?

-Dad: No, you’re 1.____ miles away.

-Mother: It’s okay. I can go, get on a plane and pick him up.

-Dad: No, its’s fine. He’s doing great. He’s fine. He’s got a couple birds and two sisters from a paring 2.____.

-Mother: Please, I’m serious. Let me go and pick him up.

-Dad: You know your son is a cook now?
-Boy: I’m a lying 3.____!

-Father: He’s a lying cook.

-Mother: Be careful!

-Father: I’ll have him home in time for school.

-Mother: It looks here like you guys are having so much fun.

-Father: All right. Give me one second. Do you know your son can work a 4.____?

-Boy: I have 5.____!

-Mother: What he said?

-Father: Stop, stop. He says he misses you.

-Mother: Tell him I love him.


-Cook: Are you sure? That recipe was a disaster. Gusteau himself said so.

-Chef: Just the sort of challenge a budding chef needs

-Woman: Sweetbread à la Gusteau. 1.____ cooked in a seaweed salt crust with cuttlefish tentacle, dog rose purée, geoduck egg, died white fungus? Anchovy licorice sauce. I don’t know this recipe, but it’s Gusteau’s, so… Lalo, we have some veal 2.____ soaking, yes? 

-Lalo: Yes! The 3.___ stomach, I get that.

-Man: Veal stomach? OH, okay. I’ll be right back. Where… hey, don’t mind me, I just need to borrow this real quick. Let’s see, over here… I’ll be back. Thank you. Excuse me, I’m going to… apparently, I need this. I’ll be right… I’m going to pick that up. I got some of that 4.____. Okay.

-Woman: What are you doing? You’re supposed to be preparing the Gusteau recipe.

-Man: This is the 5.____.

-Woman: The recipe doesn’t call for white truffle oil! What else have you…? You are improvising? This is no time to experiment. The customer is waiting.

-Man: You’re right. I should listen to you!

Cooking Class

-Teacher: Today we will begin by learning to 1.___ eggs.

-Teacher: First, you must make sure that the egg is 2.____.

-Student: I was so hoping that, well, for something a little more advanced Madam Brassar.

-Teacher: But you are not an advanced 3.____.

-Student: But I do know how to boil an egg.

-Teacher: Do you know how to 4.____ a deck?

-Student: No, but that’s exactly the sort of thing that I’m very interested in learning how to do.

-Teacher: Yeah, there is one other class but you will not like it. It’s for professional which you will never be I’m sure. All men, orgy eyes and very expensive. I cannot imagine that you would ever want pay the 5.____.

-Student: How much?

Burnt - Client Complaint

-Maître: Chef Adam, a guest has requested 1.____ potatoes with the 2.____instead of beetroot and turnips.

-Chef: No, no, no. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. No, no, no, no. They want 3.____, order the 4.____.

-Waitress: Denise already suggested that.

-Chef: Why the hell is she crying?

-Maître: His response was quite emphatic.

-Chef: What did he say? What did he say?

-Maître: Adam, let me handle this. Let me handle this, Adam. Adam!

-Client: Hey Kyle, I can see your hairy ass.

-Chef: Apologize!

-Client: I beg your pardon?

-Chef: Apologize to her.

-Client: Go fuck yourself mate. The bartender says…

-Chef: Thanks for 5.____ at the Langhams.

-Maître: Special?

No Reservations

-Waitress: The guy from 1._____ seven said if he wanted it cremated, he wouldn’t have asked for it rare.

-Chef: That is 2.____.

-Woman: Apparently not rare enough.

-Chef: Any rarer and it would walk out of here in Hailo Cab.

-Woman: Look, these are Ad agency people. They spend a lot of money here. No tantrums tonight, just fire another one.

-Chef: Fire one rare 3.____ on the fly.

-Assistant: Rare steak on the fly.

-Chef: Where’s the 4.____ from six? How is the quail?

-Assistant: Great, 5.____.

-Chef: Pick up! Terrine, carpaccio!


Kingsman: At 1.____, always remember to 2.____ your 3.____ and place it on your lap. It’s an excellent way to disguise weaponry.

Kingsman: Up to four 4.____, two firearms of various sizes or a smaller arsenal of equipment can be discreetly hidden.

Kingsman: All while maintaining an air of 5.____.   

Pretty Woman

-David: Mr. Louis, my grandfather believes the men who create a company should control its destiny.

-Woman: Where’s the 1.____?

-Mr. Lewis: The salad comes at the end of the 2.____.

-Woman: That’s the 3.____ I knew.

-David: Let me put it in another way, between your public statements and the rumors flying around on this thing we find it very hard to figure out what your real intentions are.

-Mr. Morse: I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to figure which goes with what.

-David: You know, there was a time when we built ships the size of cities, and like my grandfather made this country.

-Woman: Who 4.____ this?

-Waiter: The gentleman did, ma’am. Bon Appétit.

-Mr. Lewis: These are 5.____. It’s French for snails. It’s a delicacy, try it. David?

-David: Mr. Lewis, if you were to get control and I don’t think you will, but if you did, what do you plan tom do with the company?

-Mr. Lewis: Break it up and sell of the pieces.

-Mr. Morse: I’m sure you understand I’m not thrilled with the idea of you turning forty years of my work into your garage sale

-Mr. Lewis: At the price I’m paying for this stock Mr. Morse, you’re going to be a very rich man.

-Mr. Morse: I’m rich enough. I just want to have my shipyard

-Woman: Slippery little suckers.

-Waiter: It happens all the time.

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Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

SrªSmith - Perfect timing. 

Srº Smith - As always. This is a nice surprise. 

SrªSmith - I hope so. You're home early. 

Srº Smith - I missed you. SrªSmith - I missed you, too. Shall we? 

Srº Smith - Yes. Thought these were for special occasions. 

SrªSmith - This is a special occasion. 

Srº Smith - Pot roast. My favourite. Allow me, sweetheart. Been on your feet all day. 

SrªSmith - Thank you. 

Srº Smith - Sure. So how's work? 

SrªSmith - Actually, we had a little trouble with a commission. 

Srº Smith - Is that right? SrªSmith - Yeah. Double booking with another firm. Green beans? 

Srº Smith - No, thank you. 

SrªSmith - You'll have some. 

Srº Smith - Well, I hope everything worked out OK. 

SrªSmith - It hasn't yet. But it will. 

Srº Smith - Pot roast is my favourite. Sweetheart, could you pass the salt? Tried something new? 

SrªSmith - How was Atlanta? Srº Smith - Had a few problems ourselves. Some figures didn't add up. 

SrªSmith - Big deal? Srº Smith - Life or death. Wine? 

Srº Smith - I got it.

SrªSmith - I'll get a towel. 


Clark: If I could have everyone's attention, please, um, I'd like to make a little 1.____. Um... our family has a 2.____ that goes back way before I was even born... where everyone takes a 3.____ to say what they're most thankful for in their lives. I would just like to say that I'm most 4.____ for my mom, dad whose faith in me taught me to have faith in myself. Thank you. 

Lex: You haven't said a word all night. Is everything alright? 

Lana: Everything's fine Lex. Lex: Good. Happy 5.____. 

Lana: Happy Thanksgiving.

Role Models

Coffee girl: Good morning, can I take your 1.__________? 

Beth: Can I get a tall chai? 

Danny: And a large 2.__________ coffee. 

Coffee girl: A what? 

Danny: Large black coffee? 

Coffee girl: Do you mean a venti? 

Danny: No, I mean large. 

Beth: He means a venti. Yeah, the biggest one you got. 

Coffee girl: Venti is large. 

Danny: No, venti is twenty. 

Beth: Danny. 

Danny: Yeah. Large is large. In fact, 3.__________ is large. And grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages. 

Coffee girl: Look d..., venti is a large 4.__________. 

Danny: Really? Says who? Fellini? 

Beth: How much is that, here's a ten. 

Danny: Do you accept Lira, or is it all Euros now? 

Beth: You know what, keep the 5.__________.

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Chase’s Surgery

-Dr. Chase: You want me to do a second major 1._____ on a patient we almost lost during the first major surgery to see if she needs a third major surgery?
-Dr. Foreman: We need a piece of the Ganglioma.
-Dr. Chase: Then, you’re talking about another 2._____, yours doesn’t have a Ganglioma.
-Dr. Foreman: And if there is one and you missed it?
-Dr. Chase: Then you’re talking about another surgeon. I didn’t miss anything.
-Dr. Foreman: But we’re not talking about another 3._____, this one showed a bump we need to biopsy.
-Dr. Chase: Bump? Oh yeah…my grandfather 4._____ of a bump.
-Dr. Chase: She can’t survive a second round of 5._____ anesthesia, even less a third.
-Dra. Hadley: You’d do this for House.

Grey's Anatomy 6x11 Blink Cristina's Solo Surgery

-Surgeon: 1._____ is now to eight.
-Dra. Yang: I could secure it directly or 2._____. I don’t know which one to do.
-Dra. Altman: I don’t know either.
-Dra. Yang: Well, my guess is if you came and looked at it you would have a better idea.
-Dra. Altman: I’m sure that’s true but I’m not the one 3._____.
-Surgeon: There is a lot of blood.
-Dra. Yang: She’s 4._____.
-Dra. Altman: You’re overthinking it, Dra. Yang. Look at the 5._____, what does it tell you?
-Dra. Yang: That I have two options and I don’t know which one to do.