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The Aviator - Dinner

- What was that? 
- Oh, he's a little deaf. 
- Pass the goddamn butter, I beg you. 
- You read flying magazines? 
- Trade journals. On engineering. 1.____________. 
- We read books. 
- Howard has to read the trade pieces, Mom, because he's designing a new aeroplane. 
- Oh, really? Do tell. 
- Well... ...it's quite exciting, actually. It's a spy plane for the Air Corps. A twin-engine plane with some... ...I must admit, some rather unique design 2.____________. You see, it has these two booms at the back... 
- Luddie built a birdhouse once. You remember that, dear? 
- Yes, well, a mere trifle, darling. 
- I remember the painting! The painting, it's called May - 
- Something. Anyway, Goya's vastly overrated. All the Spaniards are. 
- Nonsense! Picasso is sacred. 
- I'm a 3.____________
- It was quite aesthetic, really. A sacred monster. The birds don't care for it much, 
- But the bats do.
- I'll bet. 
- That's such bunk! 
- Do speak up, dear. 
- Nothing, nothing, Mrs. Hepburn. Nothing. 
- Why did you speak? I can't abide people who speak but have nothing to say.
- Did you go to mechanic school to learn all this airplane guff? 
- No, no, I didn't, Luddie. No. 
- Well, Howard just flew round the world in three days.
- I think we've had enough about 4.____________.
- And dogs.
- Then how did you make all that money? 
- We don't care about money here. Well, that's because you have it. 
- Would you repeat that? 
- You don't care about 5.____________  because you've always had it. 
- How did you make all that...? 
- Excuse me, I'm speaking. 
- Okay. 
- Thank you.
- All right. 
- Some of us choose to work for a living. Speaking of which, I have more of that airplane guff to attend to. Excuse me. 
- Well, seems a rather high-strung chap. 
- You're a fine bunch of bullies, aren't you?

Notting Hill - Press Conference

Man 1: Does this mean that Miss Scott will not be publicizing her next film?

Jeremy: No, it absolutely does not mean that. She’ll be abiding by all her present commitments. She just won’t be making any more for the next year.

Man 2: When will the film be 1.______________?

Jeremy: At the moment, the plan is to release in America towards the end of autumn, and over here around Chirstmas or early in the new year. Right. You―Dominic.

Dominic: Anna, how much longer are you staying in the UK then?

Anna: No time at all. I leave tonight. 

Jeremy: Which is why we have to round things up now. So, 2.______________ questions, please.  Yes, lady there.

Woman: Is your decision to take a year off anything to do with the rumors about Jeff and his present leading lady?

Anna: Absolutely not.

Woman: Do you believe the rumors?

Anna: It’s really not my business any more. Though I will say, from my experience, that rumor about Jeff―do tend to be true.

Man 3: Yeah, the 3._______________ time you were here, there were some fairly graphic photographs taken of you with a young English guy―so uh, what happened there?

Anna: He was just a friend―we’re still friends I think.

Jeremy: Right, um, yes, gentleman in the pink shirt.

William: Yes―Miss Scott―are there any circumstances in which the two of you might be more than just good friends?

Anna: I hoped there would be―but no, I’m assured there aren’t.

William: But what would you say―

Jeremy: I’m sorry, just the one 4._____________, please.

Anna: No, it’s all right. You were saying―

William: Thanks. I was just wondering if, uh, it turned out that this person, uh―

Man’s Voice: Thacker. His name was Thacker.

William: Thanks, thanks. I just wondered whether, if Mr. Thacker realized he’d been a draft prick and got down on his knees and begged you to reconsider, whether you would, in fact, then, reconsider. 

Anna: Yes, I believe I would.

William: That’s very good 5.______________. Um, the readers of Horse and Hound will be absolutely delighted. 

Jeremy: Right. Uh, Dominic―if you’d like to ask your question again?

Dominic: Yeah―Anna―how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?

Anna: Indefinitely. 

Angels and Demons - Conclave

Willow - Nelwyn Festival

- Come on, kids. Let's go.
- I will now magic ally join the rings!
- Whoa-ah!
- Thank you, son. If you're easily shocked, please turn away. 
- Give me a ripe one. Good.
- And now, for my final amazing feat. I will make this entire pig disappear!
- Mims, see?
- Please, watch very closely. Wuppitybairn, deru, deru!
- Well.
- What happened to your pig?
- No! Hey, come here, you!
- I had seen enough.

Old School - A Wedding Toast

Can't hear you.

1.___________ me. I'd like to say I'm really glad and proud to be here tonight. I'm glad to see Frank's dad made it out. It's awesome. I haven't seen him in eight years. That's great. 2.___________.  
I love you, Dad!

True love is hard to find. Sometimes you think you have true love, and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego, and a 3.___________ of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show, ready to double-team your 4.___________...

It stops right there and it continues right here, because I think what my friend Mitch is trying to say is that true love is blind. Let's raise our glasses, whatever we got in front of us. Salute. Health and happiness.5.___________, everybody. I love you so much, Frankie. I love you. I'm not a talker. I love you. Congratulations.

Frozen - Elsa Coronation

Hey! I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?
I-ya, no. No. I'm okay. Are you sure?
Yeah, I just wasn't looking where I was going.
- But I'm great, actually.
- Oh, thank goodness.
Oh... Umm...
1.____________ Hans of the Southern Isles.
Princess Anna of Arendelle. Princess...?
My Lady.
Hi... again.
Oh boy.
Ha. This is awkward. Not you're awkward,
but just because we're...I'm awkward.
You're 2.____________. Wait, what?
I'd like to formally apologize for
hitting the Princess of Arendelle with my 3.____________...
And for every moment after.
No. No-no. It's fine. I'm not that princess.
I mean, if you'd hit my sister Elsa, that would be...
'Cuz, you know...
But, lucky you, it's-it's just me.
Just you?
...The 4.____________. The coronation.
I... I...
I better go. I have to...I better go.
Your Majesty, The 5.____________.
(formal, in Old Norse) Sehm hon hell drr in-um hell-gum Ayg-num Ok
krund ee thes-um hellgah Stahth, ehk teh frahm fur-ear Uthear...
...Queen Elsa of Arendelle.
Queen Elsa of Arendelle.
Queen Elsa of Arendelle.
Princess Anna of Arendelle!

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How to start an event planning business with no money

It’s Melanie here from http://www.eventplanningblueprint.com

Today, we’re going to talk about how to start an event planning business with no money.

You may have a tight budget but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start your event planning business, and it certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have options. The only thing that means is that you may need a little extra creativity. 

Bill Gates once said, “People often overestimate what they will be in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Here are a few ideas to help you get started with little or no money:

#1 - Barter for what you need – if you find you need supplies or the services of another vendor or supplier, but you don’t have enough capital to pay them, suggest trading your event planning services. This is also a great way to get some extra event planning experience.

#2 - Use low-cost services - With sites like elance.com and fivrr, it’s a great way to get design work or copywriting done for little or no money.

#3 - Build your business around your skills and knowledge. If you love planning weddings or planning parties or planning corporate events and have experience doing it, this may be the best way for you to start your event planning business and you can always expand your services later. 

#4 - Tell everyone you know! This is the least expensive and best way to market yourself when you’re starting out. Give them a call, send them an email and post it on your social media profiles so those closest to you can help spread the word.

#5 - Roll up your sleeves and get busy. In today’s world of 30 second videos and instant access, it’s easy to assume that event planners you look up to have always been successful, but the truth is they’ve worked hard and have put in endless hours to get their first client, land their dream client and get paid what they’re worth. So work hard and it will pay off. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What’s stopping you from getting your event planning business started? Share with me what has worked for you and what hasn’t worked for you? And be sure to share your comments on our website at
 http://www.eventplanningblueprint.com for all the action happens.
And, if you liked this video, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share it with other event planners. 

If you want even more event planning resources head on over to http://www.eventplanningblueprint.com and  sign up for our free weekly advice.

As always, thanks for join to me and I look forward to seeing you on the next episode on EventPlanning BleuprintTV.

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Intensivo de Férias

Você sabia que é possível recuperar o tempo perdido e fazer 1 SEMESTRE em 1 MÊS? 
É isso mesmo. Somente Presencial – na nossa unidade em SP – na Mooca


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Devil Wears Prada

Who are you?
My name is Andy Sachs. I recently 1._______________ from Northwestern University.
And what are you doing here?
I came to New York to be a Journalist and basically, it's this or Auto Universe.
So you don't 2._______________ Runway?
And 3._______________ today, you had never heard of me.
And you have no style or sense of fashion.
Well, I think that depends on what you're...
No, no. That wasn’t a 4._______________.
You're right. I don't fit in here. I am not skinny or glamorous . But I'm smart. I learn fast and I will work very hard.
I got the exclusive on the Cavalli for Gwyneth.
Thank you for your 5._______________. 

Vocabulary & Expressions 
Northwestern = noroeste
To fit = se enquadrar, caber, encaixar
Skinny = magra