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Maleficent: Well, well.

Maleficent: What a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and...

Maleficent: How quaint, even the 1.______________.

Maleficent: I must say, I really felt quite 2.______________ at not receiving an invitation.

King Stefan: You're not welcome here.

Maleficent: Oh dear! What an 3.______________ situation.

Queen Leila: You're not offended?

Maleficent: Why, no. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall 4.______________ a gift on the child.

King Stefan: No! We don't want your gift!

Knotgrass: Stay away from the princess!

Thistletwit: Yes, stay away!

Maleficent: Listen well, all of you. The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who meet her.

Queen Leila: That's a lovely gift.

King Stefan: Don't do this.

Maleficent: But... Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and fall into a sleep like death! A sleep from which she will never 5.______________!

King Stefan: Maleficent, please don't do this, I'm begging you.

Maleficent: I like you begging. Do it again.

King Stefan: I beg you.

Maleficent: All right.

Maleficent: The princess can be woken from her death sleep, but only by... True Love's Kiss! This curse will last till the end of time! No power on Earth can change it!



1. Assemblage = assembleia, reunião
2. Rabble = ralé, plebe
3. Distressed = angustiada, aflita
4. Awkward  = embaraçosa, constrangedora
5. Ill will = má vontade
6. Bestow = conceder, dar
7. Sun sets =  sol se pôr
8. Prick = picar, furar
9. Awaken = despertar
10. Last = durar

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Buying an Apartment (Wall Street)

-Everybody tells you they hate the Upper East Side, they want to live on the West Side. But believe me, when it's resale time the East Side moves all the time.
-I mean, what do you got on the West Side? Sean and Madonna? Trust me.
-Massage sauna, Jacuzzi, tanning salon...best 1.____ in the city.
-You know, a cute young boy like you got to think of a future lady friend in your life when you finish wolfing around. Of course, I'm taken. Oak striped 2.____.
-Ah, my husband could get you a 10% 3.____. You know, I'd do it myself, except I'm into four other deals right now. So, I got a 4:00 and a 5:00. One of them is an all-cash type, Monique something or other.
-Look, maybe you'd like to see something 4.____ that I got over on 1st Avenue. Honey, the meter is running. Anybody home?
-All right. Offer $950.
-You know, I got something over on Sutton Place. It's a million and a half, but now we’re talking 5.____.
-No. This is it. This is home.

quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2018

Building a New House

-So, day three man and literally a day ago this was an old house with the 1.____ literally falling down. Now, the walls are going up and quickly.
-This is going to be a modern 2.____ with a silo.
-It’s actually going to be this wonderful 360º view so mom can actually take a look at the beautiful 3.____ she lives on. That truly is a dream!
-I’m working on Tess’s beach 4.____ bed here. Now this going to go above her bed and I really wanted to make it look like a bungalow.
-So, how I do that is to make it look like a 5.____. Now this is what going to happen. Taking these regular cedar shingles, just like you want on a roof. Stacking them up like this and like this and look at that. That’ll really can kind of complete the look that it’s a roof, in a beach bungalow, in a beach room. She will love it.

Old House

-I just want to take a look at the 1.____.
-Yeah. If you can just pull it right off.
-There. This comes right off.
-Oh my God!
-This has never been 2.____.
-Ok, so show me the inside of this thing.
-All right.
-So, this 3.____ is just gone.
-The door blew off. So, it used to open this way, but then, this is the north and when the north winds would blow, it would blow right wide open.
-So the wind blew the door right off.
-It gets that bad?
-Wow! Now this is…
-This is the 4.____ room. This is it.
-And that is definitely a hole in the 5.____.
-Yeah. That actually fell on someone and a piece of it came falling, yeah.

Escrow in Real Estate

-We 1.____ our house! We did it!
-Hey. Don’t get too excited because you haven’t sold it yet. You’re in 2.____.
-What’s that bullshit? Are you trying to fuck us up? What are you talking about?
-I asked you months ago if you understood what escrow was and you said yes.
-Just say one more time, so you know, just refresh our memories.
-It’s very simple. Escrow is a thirty-day period when the buyer of the new house gets to do 3.____. Assuming everything goes well and nothing changes with the living situation, and you know, spook them or something, you close, okay?
-So, wait! Do we have an escrow on the other house we just 4.____ in the summer?
-You have no escrow on that house.
-What? What? No!
-Because that house had multiple 5.____ and you screamed at me “Do whatever you have to do get that house”.
-Yeah, I remember that.
-So I did it. You have no escrow there and then I asked you three times “Do you understand what escrow is?” and once again you just nodded. Just like you’re right now. This is how the real estate crisis happened.

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Dubai

-We can get to it from 1.____.
-I’m on the computer.
-I’m just a…the helper.
-What 2.____ is it now?
-A hundred and thirty.
-A hundred and thirty?
-3.____ duct?
-Pressure is unstiffening.
-Not enough time.
-4.____ shaft?
-Infrared sensors.
-Not enough time.
-How am I supposed to do this?
-Oh, that's high.
-Okay. Now remember, it's a rolling off motion that disengages the bond.
-When the emitter is blue, that's full adhesion. Easy way to remember. "Blue is glue."
-And when it's red?
-Ah, here's your cutter, okay? And your server interface. Both going back here. One, two.
-Ok. Ethan, hotel server is eleven 5.____ up and seven units over. Okay?

'The Realtor' starring Dean St Louis

-What’s wrong?
-Oh, nothing is wrong.
-Well, actually yeah…
-It’s the price. It’s the 1.____. You’re still thinking the price a little too high. I mean, I can try to pressure them to lower, but you know the home is in that area.
-There’s nothing wrong with the price.
-Or the 2.____.
-No, no. Something is wrong with your family? Don’t worry. We will get you 3.____ insurance.
-We don’t have to lose this 4.____. Just hold on a second…
-We decided not to buy the house.
-What’s wrong with the house?
-Oh, we like the house.
-Yeah, we like the house.
-I followed your criteria. I went out and found you exactly what you were looking for in thirty days.
-It’s a great house!
-This is the house you wanted. I didn’t just go out and toss any 5.____ house at you. I think I followed your wishes pretty gosh darn close!

Beetlejuice Real Estate Agent

-Hi, Barbara.
-I’m glad I caught you. I heard you were on 1.____.
-That’s right Jane, complete vacation.
-Honey, today I’m $ 260.000,00!
-No Jane. It’s 6:45 in the morning.
-This 2.____ is real. From a man in New York City who only saw a photograph.
-Jane. Don’t send people photos of our 3.____.
-He wants to bring the wife and family up here for some 4.____.
-That’s exactly what we are looking for.
-But this house is too 5.____ for you. It really ought to be for a couple with a family, you know?
-Oh pumpkin! I didn’t mean anything it’s just that really this house is too big.
-Jane, I’ll see you in a few weeks, okay?
-Alright. Think about it.
-Take care.

Pushy Real Estate Agent

-And this is the 1.____ room.

-Oh! That’s a lovely sized room!

-Yes, they are big in these houses. Most of them have been converted into 2.____, so to get one like this is bit of a lucky find.

-How many 3.____ is it?

-It’s two but there is the box room which could be an 4.____ or could be used as a third bedroom.

-Hum…I think we definitely need free double bedrooms.

-Did I ask you? Did I ask you?


-Shall we move into the 5.____?

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Types of Real Estate Agents

-There are three types of 1.____ estate agents.
-First, there are those who 2.____ next to nothing.
-If they market at all, it’s with cheap photos and uninspiring flyers.
-They 3.____the standard six per cent.
-Lock the 4.____into a long term contract and put a “for sale” sign up. Wait for the markets work for them.
-Sounds like a cheapskate!
-I know, right! He maybe sells four or six 5.____ a year.

99 Homes Trailer

-That was it!
-You can do better than that.
-Let’s get 1.____.
-Sheriffs are here.
-Why are they here?
-My name is Rick Carver. I’m licensed real estate 2.____. This home has been foreclosed on.
-No, this is not happening.
-I need you, your mom and your son to step off the 3.____.
-This is not your 4.____.
-Mr. Carver? Please don’t…
-Sir, you have two minutes. Pack whatever 5.____ you need.
-Oh my God!
-Does he have to stand there while she packs up? Is that right?
-Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

The Founder - Bank Scene

-Can you extend my line?
-Until you build more 1.____ in your home or pay down the loan, there’s nothing I can do.
-My business is 2.____.
-Unfortunately that’s immaterial.
-I’ve got thirteen locations in nine states.
-It’s a home equity 3.___.
-Then give me a business loan.
-These thirteen locations, you 4.____ them?
-Me, personally?
-It’s your business, correct? You own it!
-I’m the head franchisee. I’m the one behind this problem.
-That’s all well and good but you need 5.____.

Bruno - Real Estate Broker

-Wow! Great 1.____.
-What’s nice about this home is that it opens up to the 2.____ so that kind of brings the outside inside.
-Sorry, I don’t 3.____ what you’re saying.
-Ok. What we do is that they have lots of glass 4.____…
-Right, right.
-So that it appears even though you’re 5.____ that you have a feeling that you’re outside still too.
-Ok. But where are we now?
-We are inside, inside.
-Ok, so will you let me know when we are outside?

The Founder - Real Estate Business Scene

-So to summarize, you have a miniscule revenue stream, no cash reserves and an albatross of a 1.____ that requires you to go through slow approval process to enact changes if they’re approved at all. Witch they never are. Am I missing anything?
-I’m about sums up.
-Tell me about the 2.____.
-The land?
-The land, the 3.____, how that whole aspect of it works.
-Pretty simple really. Franchisee finds a piece of land he likes, gets lease, usually twenty years,  takes our construction loan, throws out the building and of he goes.
-So, the operator selects the site?
-He picks the 4.____?
-You provide the training, the system, the operational know-how and he is responsible for the rest?
-Is there a problem?
-A big one. You don’t seem to realize what business you’re in. You’re not in the burger business. You’re in the real 5._____business.

segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2018

New home - Fifty Shades of Grey

Please stop 1.___________ to my husband as if I weren't here.

Ana. I have 2.___________ many prestige projects.

You may call me Mrs Grey. And this is not a prestige 3.___________, this is gonna be our home. So, if you want this job I 4.___________ you stop making eyes at my husband and keep your hands to yourself. 

I´m 5.___________ Mrs. Grey, but I would never. It won´t happen again.

quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2018

Inside Out - Moving Scene

Joy: " Here’s our new house. And… Maybe, it’s nice on the 1.____________."

Anger: "We’re supposed to live here?"

Sadness: "Do we have to?"

Disgust: "I’m telling you, it smells that something died in here."

Fear: "Can you die from moving?"

Joy: "Guys, you’re 2.____________. Nobody is dying…"

Disgust: "A DEAD MOUSE!"

Anger: "Great."

Disgust: "I’m gonna be sick."

Fear: "It’s a house of the dead! What are we gonna do? We’re gonna get rabies!"

Anger: "Get off of me!"

Joy: "All through the drive, Dad talked about how cool our new room is. Let’s go check it out."

Fear: "It’s gonna be great. Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

Fear: "No, no, no, no."

Disgust: "I’m starting to envy the dead mouse."

Anger: "Get out the rubber ball. We’re in 3.____________ confinement."

Sadness: "Riley can’t live here."

Anger: "She’s right."

Disgust: "It’s the worst."

Fear: "Really bad."

Disgust: "It’s absolutely the worst."

Anger: "This house 4.____________."

Disgust: "It’s the worst place I’ve been in my entire life."

Fear: "Oh, yeah."

Joy: "Hey, it’s nothing our butterfly curtains couldn’t fix. I read somewhere that an 5.____________ room is an opportunity."

Anger: "Where did you read that?"

Joy: "It doesn’t matter, I read it and it’s great. We’ll put the bed there, and the desk over there."

Fear: "The hockey lamp goes there."

Anger: "Uh, put the chair there."

Joy: "Or the trophy collections."

Fear: "There. Stars! I like that."

Joy: "Now, we’re talking. Let’s go get our stuff from the moving van."


1. Die from = morrer de
2. Rabies = raiva (doença)
3. Get off of me = saia de perto de mim
4. All through the drive = durante todo o trajeto (dentro do carro)
5. It doesn’t matter = não importa

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Signs - Dinner

-Merrill: I’ll make some 1.____.
-Bo: I want 2.____.
-Merrill: We should be fast, Bo.
-Graham: Spaghetti sounds great. What do you want Morgan?
-Morgan: Anything? French toast…and 3.____ potatoes.
-Graham: Now we’re talking! How about you Merrill?
-Merrill: 4.____ Teriyaki.
-Graham: Good choice. I’m going to have a 5.____ with bacon. Extra bacon.

quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018

Scary Movie 2 - Dinner

 -Butler: Well ah, who would like some 1.____? That’s what I like to hear.

 -Cindy: Hey, these 2.____ look good.

 -Ray: Oh, yeah! And they’re so soft and warm. -Jason: Ray!

 -Ray: Oh! I’m sorry. My bad.

 -Cindy: They’re delicious!

 -Butler: Thank you, my child. I’ve made them by hand. Ok. Here we go. I think the 3.____ are just about done.

 -Butler: I’m just gonna give them one quick 4.____ here. Okay now! Dig in!

 -Butler: All right. Now it’s time for the 5.____.

V for Vendetta

-Woman: V?

-V: Ah! Bonjour mademoiselle.

-Woman: I just wanted to apologize for my reaction last night. I understand what you did for me and I want you to know I am grateful…your hands?

-V: Yes, there, that’s better. I hope I didn’t putt you off your 1.____.

-Woman: No please, just, are you all right?

-V: Yes, yes, yes. I’m fine.

-Woman: Can I ask what happened?

-V: There was a fire a long time ago, ancient history for some. Not really very good 2.____ conversation.

-V: Now, would you care for a cup of 3.____ with your 4.____?

-Woman: Yes, thank you. I’m 5.____ actually.

-V: Have a seat.

Eating Pizza

-Woman1: Let me ask you a question. In all the years you’ve ever undressed in front of a gentleman…

-Woman2: It hasn’t been that many.

-Woman1: …All right, well, has he ever asked you to leave? Has he ever walked out, left?

-Woman2: No.

-Woman1: Because he doesn’t care. He’s in a room with a naked girl, he’s won the lottery. I’m so tired of saying no, and then waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I 1.____ the day before, counting every 2.____ I consumed so I kwon exactly how much self-loathing to take him to the shower. I’m going for it. I’m no interest in being 3.____. I’m just through with the guilt, so this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna finish this 4.____ and then we’re gonna go watch the soccer game and tomorrow, we’re gonna go on a little 5.____ and buy ourselves some bigger jeans.    

Burnt - Michelin Guide

-Man: Do you know about the Michelin?

-Woman: It is a book.

-Waitress: It is the book, Yana! The bible.

-Man: Michelin send its inspectors to 1.____ to eat and award stars. One, two, three.

-Cook: Or none.

-Man: No one knows who they are, no one. They come, they eat, they go. But, they have habits. They have to stick to a routine to give every restaurant the same chance. Michelin men 2.____ in pairs.

-Woman: Sometimes the Michelin can even be a woman.

-Man: They always 3.____ a table before 7:30. The first of the pair arrives early and has a drink at the bar. His partner arrives half an hour later. One orders the tasting menu and the other one à la carte. Always! They order half a 4.____ of wine, they ask for tap water, they wear business suits, they’re polite, but attention. They may place a 5.____ on the floor under the table, to see if you notice, and they wouldn’t drop it because that could make a noise and make it too easy.

-Cook: Everything from now on must be perfect. Not good, not excellent, perfect!

Food Truck

-Boy: Hey mom!

-Mother: Where are you?

-Boy: I’m in Austin.

-Mother: Are you ok?

-Boy: I’m great!

-Mother: How’s your daddy?

-Boy: You can talk to him.

-Dad: Hi, Ness.

-Mother: Hi, do you want me to go pick him up?

-Dad: No, you’re 1.____ miles away.

-Mother: It’s okay. I can go, get on a plane and pick him up.

-Dad: No, its’s fine. He’s doing great. He’s fine. He’s got a couple birds and two sisters from a paring 2.____.

-Mother: Please, I’m serious. Let me go and pick him up.

-Dad: You know your son is a cook now?
-Boy: I’m a lying 3.____!

-Father: He’s a lying cook.

-Mother: Be careful!

-Father: I’ll have him home in time for school.

-Mother: It looks here like you guys are having so much fun.

-Father: All right. Give me one second. Do you know your son can work a 4.____?

-Boy: I have 5.____!

-Mother: What he said?

-Father: Stop, stop. He says he misses you.

-Mother: Tell him I love him.