segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange - It's amazing you kept him alive. Apneic, further brain stem testing after reflex test... I think I found the 1.___________, Dr. Palmer. You left a bullet in his head.
Dr. Palmer - Thanks. It's impinging on the medulla. I needed a specialist to 2.___________ brain death. Something about that doesn't feel right to me.
Dr. Strange - We have to run.
Dr. Palmer - Dr. West! What are you doing? Hey!
Dr. West - Organ harvesting. He's a donor.
Dr. Palmer - Slow down. I did not 3.___________ to that.
Dr. West - I don't need you to. We've already called brain death.
Dr. Strange - Too prematurely. We need to get him prepped for a sub occipital craniotomy.
Dr. West - I'm not going to let you operate on a dead man.
Dr. Strange - What do you see?
Dr. West - A 4.___________?
Dr. Strange - A perfect bullet. It's been hardened. You harden a bullet by alloying lead with antimony. A toxic metal. And as it leaks directly into the cerebral spinal fluid...
Dr. West - Rapid-onset central nervous system shutdown.
Dr. Strange - We need to go. The patient's not dead, but he's dying. Do you still want to harvest his 5.___________? Dr. West - I'll assist you.
Dr. Strange - No! Dr. Palmer will assist me.
Dr. Palmer -Thank you.

Hangover 3

Dr. Stu - 1.____________ okay?
Pharmacist – Well, it's just a strange request. This 2.____________, in this amount, and a pack of syringes, it's just a little weird.
Dr. Stu - Yeah. It's's kind of an 3.____________, so...
Pharmacist – See, that right there, and you're acting all fidgety, plus you look like shit. In our business, these are all red flags. I need to call a prescribing 4.____________ and make sure everything's okay.
Dr. Stu - Aha. Well, you're in luck because I actually am a prescribing doctor.
Pharmacist – Oh, boy. Another red flag It says here you're a 5.____________.
Dr. Stu - Yeah, doctor of Dental Science.

Breaking Bad - Commercial

Woman – Hi.
Pharmacist – Hi.
Woman – My 1.______________ called in a prescription.
Pharmacist – Yes, yes.
Woman – You’re not Greg.
Pharmacist – I’m sorta Greg. We are both over 50 years old. We both used to own a Pontiac Aztek. We both have a lot of experience with 2.______________. Sorry, pharmaceuticals. So, say my name.
Woman – Sorta Greg.
Pharmacist – That’s right.
Woman – It’s not my 3.______________.
Pharmacist – It’s 4.______________  of your prescription. Yes, it is.
Woman – No.
Pharmacist – Take it.
Woman – No.
Pharmacist – Take it.
Woman – No.
Pharmacist – Take it.
Woman – No.
Pharmacist – Take it. You’ll 5.______________  me later.

World War Z

Karin - Get her medicine, I'll get us something to eat. I'll meet you back here.
Gerry - Stay close, honey.
Man - What do you 1.____________?
Gerry - Albuterol.
Man - They outgrow the asthma supposedly. And this shit, too. It's magic for my 2.____________.
Gerry - Thank you
Connie - Daddy!
Gerry - Connie?
Connie - Daddy!
Gerry - Connie?
Connie - Daddy!
Gerry - Where's 3.____________?
Karin - Gerry! Gerry!
Gerry - Karin? Karin? 
Karin - Gerry! Gerry! Get off of me! Get off of me! That's all I 4.____________. Gerry! 
Gerry - Hey! - Hey! 
Officer (on radio) - Multiple 11-99s at Washington Park. Please, send units. We're falling back on Reed Street.
Female dispatch - Two Robert 12, units need backup. Mobile ops is down. Please respond. Two Robert 12, are you there? Copy. 
Gerry - 5.____________!

Matchstick Man

Pharmacist  2 - Don`t forget to drink plenty of 1.____________ with that.
Man 1- Thanks;
Roy - Excuse me, hi.
Pharmacist 1 – l’ll be right with you, sir.
Roy - Hi, l need a refill. No, l don`t have a prescription…
Pharmacist  3 - Sir, please wait your turn.
Roy - l know, I know, but this is an 2.____________.
Man 2 - Buddy, ever heard of a line?
Roy - Ever been dragged to the sidewalk and beaten until you pissed blood? Listen, l’m sorry, l really need…Thank you. Yes! Thank you. I need a refill of this.
Pharmacist 1 - Do you have a 3.____________?
Roy - No, but you see, my doctor, my shrink, gave me these, and they`re samples of… Darn it! l can`t remember… Prefex ! Prefex something.
Pharmacist 1 - I’m sorry sir, but without a prescription, there’s nothing l can do.
Roy - Okay, but you see, l have the 4.____________, so l’m clearly allowed to have them. I just need four or five of them to cover me for the weekend.
Pharmacist 1 - Let me see it.
Roy - Thank you. And l am sorry, sir.
Pharmacist 1 - These are supplements.
Roy -What?
Pharmacist 1 - This packet contains 5.____________.
Roy - No, no, no. My doctor gave those to me. They’re Prefex.
Pharmacist 1 - They`re supplements.
Roy - Bullshit, man! Prefex.
Pharmacist 1 - Supplifem.
Roy - Prefex!
Pharmacist 1 - Aisle four, sir.
Roy - Prefex!
Pharmacist 1 - Did you call security?


Claire - All right, so how does this work?
Pharmacist - It’s all right. I speak English.
Claire - Oh, great, okay.
Pharmacist - What do you need?
Claire - I made a
1.___________ and then I checked on the Internet to see if they were different in Mexico.
Pharmacist - This is a lot. You trying to
2.___________ a small city?
Silvana - This is a very good soap. No buy at home.
Claire - Get it. Get it.
Pharmacist - Do you have 3
Claire - I thought we… I thought we didn’t need prescriptions.
Pharmacist - Well at the
4.___________, unless you have prescriptions, they will take them away.
Claire - Okay, so what do we do? What do we do?
Pharmacist - We open up Mary here…
Claire - Oh, that seems really tricky. What if we get caught?
Pharmacist - You’re a rich white woman. Have you ever been caught in anything?
Claire - Will you just get me something other than Mary? I have problems with anything religious.
Pharmacist - I think you have
5.___________ problems.
Claire - Perceptivo! That’s the one.


Bill - Can we 1.____________ all that?
Stanley - It's all we got.
Eddie - You kidding me?
Bill - Wait, you have an account here don't you?
Eddie - My mom finds out I bought this stuff for myself I’ll spend the whole weekend in the emergency room getting 2.____________.
Greta - See you later, dad.
Greta’s father - See ya, Greta.
Stanley - You okay?
Beverly - I'm fine, what's wrong with you?
Stanly - None of your business.
Eddie - New kid outside looks like someone 3.____________ him.
Bill - We need some s-s-s- 4.____________ but we don't have enough money.
Beverly - I like your glasses, Mr. Keene. You look just like Clark Kent.
Mr. Keene - I don't know about that.
Beverly - Can I try them on?
Mr. Keene - Sure.
Beverly - What do you think?
Mr. Keene - Well how about that, you look just like Lois Lane.
Beverly - Really? Well, here you go. Shoot, I'm so 5.____________.
Mr. Keene  - It's okay.