quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

Finding Dory

Dory: “Don’t cry mommy. Don’t cry“.
Nemo:  “Dory.” “Dory?”
Marlin: “Dory? It’s the middle of the 1._______________.”
Nemo: “Dad, Dory is sleep-swimming. She’s talking in her sleeping.”
Marlin: "Dory says a lot of things in her sleep, okay?”
Dory: “I need a wrenchy wrench, I can 2._______________ it.”
Nemo: “Dad! What if she starts sleep-swimming again?”
Marlin: “I’m sure this was a one time thing.”So can we all just go back to be- ”
Marlin: “Dory?”
Nemo: “Dory!”
Marlin: “Dory!”
Dory:  “I remembered something! That’s not possible, is it? Okay, is it like a 3._______________? In your head? And then you think I’ve seen this before? I just used the word before which means I- I’m remembering something! What was I talking about? My family! They’re out there somewhere. I have to find them!”
Dory: “I remembered something 4._______________.”
Marlin: “Something important? What?”
Dory: “Something about a clam (amêijoas) or- ”
Marlin: “No.”
Dory: “No, an oyster (ostra).”
Marlin: “No.”
Dory: “Mollusk (molusco)?”
Marlin: “No.”
Dory: “5._______________.”
Marlin: “No.”
Dory: “I don’t.. know.”
Marlin: “No clam.”

SEAFOOD (Frutos do Mar)
Camarão = Shrimp
Caranguejo = Crab
Lagosta = Lobster
Tuna = Atum
Cod = Bacalhau