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Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

SrªSmith - Perfect timing. 

Srº Smith - As always. This is a nice surprise. 

SrªSmith - I hope so. You're home early. 

Srº Smith - I missed you. SrªSmith - I missed you, too. Shall we? 

Srº Smith - Yes. Thought these were for special occasions. 

SrªSmith - This is a special occasion. 

Srº Smith - Pot roast. My favourite. Allow me, sweetheart. Been on your feet all day. 

SrªSmith - Thank you. 

Srº Smith - Sure. So how's work? 

SrªSmith - Actually, we had a little trouble with a commission. 

Srº Smith - Is that right? SrªSmith - Yeah. Double booking with another firm. Green beans? 

Srº Smith - No, thank you. 

SrªSmith - You'll have some. 

Srº Smith - Well, I hope everything worked out OK. 

SrªSmith - It hasn't yet. But it will. 

Srº Smith - Pot roast is my favourite. Sweetheart, could you pass the salt? Tried something new? 

SrªSmith - How was Atlanta? Srº Smith - Had a few problems ourselves. Some figures didn't add up. 

SrªSmith - Big deal? Srº Smith - Life or death. Wine? 

Srº Smith - I got it.

SrªSmith - I'll get a towel. 


Clark: If I could have everyone's attention, please, um, I'd like to make a little 1.____. Um... our family has a 2.____ that goes back way before I was even born... where everyone takes a 3.____ to say what they're most thankful for in their lives. I would just like to say that I'm most 4.____ for my mom, dad whose faith in me taught me to have faith in myself. Thank you. 

Lex: You haven't said a word all night. Is everything alright? 

Lana: Everything's fine Lex. Lex: Good. Happy 5.____. 

Lana: Happy Thanksgiving.

Role Models

Coffee girl: Good morning, can I take your 1.__________? 

Beth: Can I get a tall chai? 

Danny: And a large 2.__________ coffee. 

Coffee girl: A what? 

Danny: Large black coffee? 

Coffee girl: Do you mean a venti? 

Danny: No, I mean large. 

Beth: He means a venti. Yeah, the biggest one you got. 

Coffee girl: Venti is large. 

Danny: No, venti is twenty. 

Beth: Danny. 

Danny: Yeah. Large is large. In fact, 3.__________ is large. And grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages. 

Coffee girl: Look d..., venti is a large 4.__________. 

Danny: Really? Says who? Fellini? 

Beth: How much is that, here's a ten. 

Danny: Do you accept Lira, or is it all Euros now? 

Beth: You know what, keep the 5.__________.

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Chase’s Surgery

-Dr. Chase: You want me to do a second major 1._____ on a patient we almost lost during the first major surgery to see if she needs a third major surgery?
-Dr. Foreman: We need a piece of the Ganglioma.
-Dr. Chase: Then, you’re talking about another 2._____, yours doesn’t have a Ganglioma.
-Dr. Foreman: And if there is one and you missed it?
-Dr. Chase: Then you’re talking about another surgeon. I didn’t miss anything.
-Dr. Foreman: But we’re not talking about another 3._____, this one showed a bump we need to biopsy.
-Dr. Chase: Bump? Oh yeah…my grandfather 4._____ of a bump.
-Dr. Chase: She can’t survive a second round of 5._____ anesthesia, even less a third.
-Dra. Hadley: You’d do this for House.

Grey's Anatomy 6x11 Blink Cristina's Solo Surgery

-Surgeon: 1._____ is now to eight.
-Dra. Yang: I could secure it directly or 2._____. I don’t know which one to do.
-Dra. Altman: I don’t know either.
-Dra. Yang: Well, my guess is if you came and looked at it you would have a better idea.
-Dra. Altman: I’m sure that’s true but I’m not the one 3._____.
-Surgeon: There is a lot of blood.
-Dra. Yang: She’s 4._____.
-Dra. Altman: You’re overthinking it, Dra. Yang. Look at the 5._____, what does it tell you?
-Dra. Yang: That I have two options and I don’t know which one to do.

House MD Patient

-Patient: Are those the 1._____ test results?
-House: Yes!
-Patient: And?
-House: I’m going to ask you for some 2._____.
-Patient: Why?
-House: To see if your answer will be: “I can’t 3._____ in public”. This wasn’t your urine, was it?
-Patient: Why would I give you someone else’s urine?
-House: Usual reason is because you’re on 4._____.
-Patient: I’m not an athlete.
-House: Daahh. Second favorite reason is because you’re on drugs.
-Patient: I’m not.
-House: I am. Third favorite reason is you have insurance but your friend eggs benedict doesn’t. So, eggs describes a list of 5._____ and you repeat them to a doctor, which is particularly stupid because this is a free clinic.

Dr House Clinic Duty

-House: Okay, we have a 1._____ problem here.

-Patient: There’s something wrong with my 2._____?

-House: Oh yeah. You can 3._____yourself up. I got what I need.

-Foreman: What’s up?

-House: Smell this. It smells like 4._____, but it’s not really my call.

-Foreman: Great. I’ll be sure to put a gold star by your name on the board. Anika’s 5._____ for pancreatic cancer…was negative.

Coeliac diagnosis on House, episode 22

-Chase: The baby didn't have 1._____ he had celiac disease?
-House: Just like mom. Celiac can be triggered by all kinds of stress. Bills, childbirth, drunk husband. Every time she had a bowl of pasta or a slice of bread a slosh of soya sauce, her small 2._____ became more damaged, less able to absorb the vitamins and minerals in her 3._____. Her body couldn't absorb enough niacin, caused the pellagra. Didn't absorb vitamin K, caused the bleeding. And celiac is why the baby's meds didn't work. His body just couldn't absorb them. Switch mom to IV nutrition, its gluten free, that'll spruce her villi right up.
-Cameron: No, celiac causes nutritional deprivation. Our patient has excess 4._____.
-House: Tell them what causes excess calcium. With a chaser of bloody vomit.
-Wilson: Celiac patients are susceptible to cancer of the 5._____ lining. She has MALT lymphoma.

House MD Do I Look Like An Idiot Asthma patient

-House: Well, sometimes 1._____ make mistakes, Anna. We need to try twice as hard to fix them.
-House: Are you using your 2._____?
-Anna: All the time. Go 3._____ one a week.
-House: Are you sure you’re 4._____ it right?
-Anna: Do I look like an idiot?
-House: No. Why don’t you 5._____ me how your inhaler works?
-Anna: Jerk!

House Vs Anti Vaxxer House M D

-House: Uhum. No fever, glands normal, missing her 1._____ dates.
-Mother: We’re not vaccinating. Grub, grub, grub.
-House: Think they don’t 2._____?
-Mother: I think some multinational 3._____ company wants me to think they work, pad their bottom line.
-House: May I? Grub, grub, grub. All natural, no 4._____. It’s a good business, all natural children’s toys. Toy companies, they don’t arbitrarily mark up their frogs. They don’t lie about how much they spend on 5._____ and development and the worst that a toy company could be accused of is making a really boring frog. Grub, grub, grub. You know another really good business? Teeny tiny baby coffins!

Rachel Gives Birth Friends TBS

-Dr. Long: Push. Push. Push for five more seconds. Five...four...
-Rachel: Three, two, one!!
-Dr. Long: Ok, the next 1._____ should be in about twenty seconds.
-Rachel: Oh, I can’t push 2.______, I can’t, I can’t!
-Ross: Sweetie, you’re doing a 3._____ job.
-Rachel: Oh, I got twenty seconds more here, Ross!!
-Dr. Long: Here we go. Ok, keep pushing. Push. Wait. I see something.
-Ross: You do? Oh my God.
-Rachel: Don’t say oh my God. Oh my God what?!
-Ross: What is that?
-Dr. Long: It’s the baby’s 4. _____. She’s breech.
-Ross: Oh, thank God. I thought she had two 5._____.

Awake Film Surgery Scene Only

-Doctor 1: Guys, I'm Dr. Lupin. Uh, you 1.____ call me Larry.
-Patient: All right.
-Doctor 2: This is it. You just 2. _____, all right? Be gentle with him, okay?
-Doctor 1: Okay, just gonna give you a little 3._____ here. Have they already asked you if you had anything to eat or drink in the last four hours?
-Patient: Yeah.
-Doctor 1: And you've had general 4._____ before?
-Patient: Mm-hmm. Ten...nine, eight, seven…six...
-Doctor 1: Happy 5._____, my friend. 

The Good Doctor Best Scene

-Dr. Shaun: I saw a lot of 1.______ in medical school.
-Dr. Shaun: You’re much 2.______ than them.
-Dr. Shaun: I have a lot to 3.______ from you.
-Dr. Shaun: You’re very 4. ______.
-Dr. Shaun: Do you think that helps you be a good surgeon? Does it 5. _____ you as a person? Is it worth it?

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Construction Foreman Tom: Hey! 'Morning, Mr. Fredricksen. Need any 1.___________ there? 

Carl Fredricksen: No. Yes. Tell your boss over there that you boys are 2.___________ our house. 

Construction Foreman Tom: Well, just to let you know, my boss would be happy to take this old place off your hands, and for double his last 3.___________ ! What do you say to that? 

Construction Foreman Tom: Uh, I take that as a no, then. 

Carl Fredricksen: I believe I made my position to your 4.___________ quite clear. 

Construction Foreman Tom: You poured prune juice in his 5.___________ tank. 

Carl Fredricksen: Oh, yeah, that was good.

World Trade Center

Let's go. Stay 1._____________. 

Okay, 10th floor. We've knocked out that fire. We're in the B stairs. We'll meet you over there. Let me know what kind of conditions you got. 

Lieutenant? I was down on B-1. The shafts there are buckling. There's gonna be people 2._____________ in those elevators. 

Jeez. It just took us an hour to get up to 30 in Tower One. Now they want us over in Two. 

What happened in Two?

I don't know. 

You guys be careful, okay? 

Yeah, stay 3._____________

Hey, Will. Let me get that. 

Thanks, man. 

8-1. McLoughlin. What's your 4._____________

This is 8-1. We're in the Concourse. We got gear and are heading to One. 

8-1, 800, negative that. 

Rendezvous with me out on Barclay Street. I got a team here. We'll all go up together. 

8-1, is something going on with Tower Two? 

Run! The 5._____________elevator shaft!

A Little Chaos

Monsieur de la Quintinie?

Madame Sabine de Barra.

I'm very happy to meet you. I am directed by the Office of Buildings of Versailles to order 1._____________, such as I require, from your good self. I have brought with me a selection of perennials I thought we might exchange. Is this the Four 2._____________?

Yes, I believe so. Mmm.

3._____________. Good color, too.

You say you have a selection of 4._____________?

I had them unloaded into a little cart, intending to have them conveyed here, but there seems to be no one about.

I wished to be alone, I had them sent away.

If you wish to be alone, I could come back.

No, no, no. I find you are the very company I need today. Nothing would suit me better than for me, the king's 5._____________, to take some advice on perennials. Allow me, madame, to assist you. Hmm.