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Cena do Filme Plano de Fuga - Telefonema


 -Good morning, Warren Kaufmann's 1.____________________. One second, I'll see if he is in.

 -Mr. Kaufmann... Clint Eastwood is on the 2.____________________.


 -3.____________________ for Mr. Eastwood, please.

 -Thank you.

 -Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for taking my call, sir.

 -Well, it’s quite a surprise, Mr. Eastwood. I'm a fan of your 4.____________________.

 -This is bull shit. You know what I mean, this is not what you guarantee me!

 -Excuse me for a minute sir.

 -This is not what you said....

 -Okay now, that's better.

 -You can go.

 -That's good, you are all right man. You all right. Hallelujah to you!

 -Cut! All right, set up for take 2! I'm sorry sir. I'm a working 5.____________________, you gotta make your time where you can.

 -What can I do for you Mr. Eastwood?

 -You know, I'm going to be in San Diego for a 6.____________________ of days, playing a golf tournament and all the 7.____________________ are going to the Stroke Association.

 -I play golf myself, you know.

 -Well, my associates and I are looking to make a 8.____________________ with you for let you know how you could be part of the Stroke Association. It's doing good in the community and it's a decent tax write off. 

 -It 9.____________________ interesting. You think you could make it to my office tomorrow morning?

 -Yeah! I'll have my assistant, Mr. Barnes... be in touch with your assistant make all the 10.____________________.

 -Great, you'll make my day.

 -That's a good one.

I mean = Eu quero dizer                                                                 
Stiff = duro, firme
Doing good = indo bem
Tax write off = redução fiscal
Arrangements = preparativos
Proceeds = rendimentos
Look to = esperar

TAKE A GUESS!!! Send the answers as a comment!!!

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