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Wreck-it Ralph (Detona Ralph) - Trailer

Tente acertar as 10 palavras que estão faltando.

Ralph: My name’s Wreck It Ralph.
Ralph in game: I’m gonna wreck it!
Ralph: (For) 30 years I’ve been doing this.
Fix-It Felix: I can fix it
Ralph: It’s hard to love your 1._______________ when no-one else seems to like you for doing it.
Man with moustache: You’re just the bad guy who wrecks the 2. _______________.
Fix-It Felix: I’m okay! I’m okay!
Ralph: If I’m really 3_______________ with myself … it sure must be nice being the good guy …
Zangief: Ralph you are [the] bad guy. But this does not mean that you’re [a] bad guy!
Ralph: I don’t wanna be the bad guy 4._______________.
Man: Ralph abandoned his game.
Tannoy: Welcome to Game Central Station
Small character: Bad guy coming!
Commentator: 5. _______________ changes 
Ralph: Now
Woman: Where’s Ralph?
Ralph: Sorry Q-bert, it’s me, Ralph!
Voice: Ralph’s gone to Hero’s Duty
(Caption: He’s exploring new worlds)
Sergeant Calhoun: Fear is a four 6._______________ word, ladies. [If] you wanna go pee-pee in your big boy slacks keep it to yourself 
(Caption: He’s meeting new friends)
Girl: Hi mister! You’re not from here, are you?
Ralph: Sugar Rush!
Man: You’re game jumping!?
Ralph: Hey!
Man: Ah hah, you wouldn’t hit a guy with 7._______________ would you?
Ah hah, you hit a guy WITH glasses. That’s … that’s …Well played.
(Caption: He’s got one chance to play the hero)
Woman: Without Ralph we’re doomed.
Voice: They’re gonna pull our 8._______________.
Girl: What’s that?
Ralph: A medal, I earned it in Hero’s Duty.
Girl: Phffffffffffffffffff
Ralph: Not that kind of doody!
Girl: I bet you[‘ve] gotta really watch where you step in a game called Hero’s Doody! Hahaha
(Caption: This holiday season)
Pac-man Ghost: We can’t change who we are.
Bad guy: You can’t mess with the program Ralph
(Caption: Comes a story for anyone)
Girl: Everyone here says I’m just a 9._______________.
Ralph: Are you ready for this?
(Caption: Who ever needed a restart on life)
Ralph: We’re not leaving you here alone.
Pac-man ghost: Let’s close out with the bad guy affirmation.
Bad guys: I’m bad and that’s good. I will never be good and that’s not bad…
Man with moustache: Hold that thought 
Bad guys: …there’s no one I’d rather be than me.
Fix-It Felix: Why do I fix everything I touch!?
Sergeant Calhoun: It’s make-ya-mommas-proud time!
Soldier: I love my momma!
Cupcake: Oh good, the cops! 
Cop: Hold still! Take that!
Cupcake: What’re you doing!?
Zangief: One 10._______________ at a time, Ralph!
Wreck: demolir / destruir / detonar
Fix: consertar
Go pee-pee: fazer xixi
Doomed: condenado
Mess: bagunça
Restart: recomeçar
Thought: pensamento

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