sábado, 14 de dezembro de 2013

The Legend of Hercules

The 1._________________ between our houses will be sealed when my 2._________________, Prince Iphicles, ...will take the Princess of Crete to be his wife! My mother once gave this as a parting gift to my father. I want you to have it. I 3._________________ your having some troubles with the 4._________________ we’ve made. You sail to Egypt tomorrow. I wish you endless victories in the 5._________________ brother, because if you 6._________________ here, I will kill you. It's the first full moon. She does not even know I live. I paid good 7._________________ for you. I expect a return. I give you Hercules. I will not stop until I’ve returned the princess and 8._________________ my loyal friends. Hercules, you are the son of Zeus. 9._________________ your father and you will discover powers that you never imagined. Tonight, we fight for our lives! How will you offer these people their salvation when you cannot even save yourself. Where is your 10._________________now, half god?

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