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In Arendelle, sire 1.______________ a ruler did appear. Born with the secret power so great, alone she stayed in 2.______________. Get it together, control it. Although the force was hidden one day she let it go. Elsa. Sorcery. And all the 3.______________ was covered in eternal 4.______________ and snow. It’s completely frozen. Please just stay away. I’ll bring her back and I’ll make this right. So you are not scared. She is my sister, she would never hurt me. Yeah. I bet she is the nicest person ever. Am I right? Hi. You are creepy. I don’t want it. Back at you. You, you the body. Hi everyone I’m Olaf. Did Elsa 5.______________ you? Yeah! Why? We need Elsa to bring back 6.______________. Olaf. Now I’m perfect. Almost. Head rush. So cute it’s like a little baby unicorn. Jump. Head up. It is not nice to throw the 7.______________ at people Whoa, whoa, whoa, feisty pants. Your hair is turning white. Does it look bad? No. You 8.______________? No, I didn’t. Wolves. I got this. But I want to help. Now we just have to survive this blizzard! That’s no blizzard, that’s my 9.______________. If we don’t do something soon, we’ll all freeze to death. Stop the 10.______________ please. Don’t you see? I can’t. Lets go bring back summer. I’m not leaving without you Elsa. Olaf, you are melting? Some people are worth melting for? You just moving all right this second. Hang in there guys.

Sorcery - Feitiçaria
Creepy - Arrepiante
Ever - De todos os tempos
Blizzard - Nevasca
Freeze to Death - Morrer congelados
Melting - Derretendo

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