quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

Hannah Montana - Shoe Fight Scene

- Yeah, but it feels weird having them give me stuff  for free.
- Please. Do you know what a well-placed photo of you 1.____________ is worth?
- You're a star, an icon.  
- You look at it, touch it, wear it and the whole world has to have it.
- They owe it to you, Hannah. Name it and it's yours.
 - Really?
- I have so 2.____________  to teach you.
- If she doesn't hurry, you're going to miss your plane. 
- Yeah, that's right, losers! I'm going to college! Tennessee Universi...
- University.
- Where is that girl?
- I can't decide.
- Decide? No deciding. Too stressful.
- Take them all. We'll jus add them to the pile. Girls. 
- Ooh.
3.____________ . I much need a new watch.
- Is that the time? I can't believe it.
- We got to go.
- Eleven messages. Jackson.
Lilly's present. Lilly... would totally love those shoes.
- She will so love these.
- I'm sorry. I saw these first .
- Can you 4.____________  these for me?
- They're for my best friend. She's 16 today.
- Funny, they're for my best friend, too.
 - My best friend is a six and a half.
- Funny, my best friend's a six and a half, too.
- Tyra Banks, that's our only pair.  
- Not funny. Do you know who I am?
- I know you know who I am. 
- So?
- So?  
- Give me that 5.____________.
- Get away from me!
You know what? If you want it, jump for it. Jump for the shoe, Hannah.
- Fine. Gimme!
- Got it!
- Yes! Yes!
- Give me my shoe, lady!
- She is so in trouble.
- Relax? Are you kidding me?
- Have you met my dad?
- He is not gonna shake off me missing saying goodbye to Jackson.
- Give us a smile. You look amazing.
- Thank you. We gotta go. 

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