segunda-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2017

Red Dawn

ESCKER: Twenty two, twenty two!
ANNOUNCER: Out of bounds!
RAZNER: How did that one feel, bitch?
JACKSON: Get off him! Hey, man, you got rocked.
ESCKER: He hits hard.
ERICA: Try to be 1._______________.
COACH: Eckert! 2._______________ seconds left. Just get us in field goal range! Come on, kid, now, execute!
ESCKER: Empty left! Empty left!
JED: How's he doing?
BAND: Wolverines!
RAZNER: Your ass is mine, bitch!
ESCKER: You 3._______________ on me, 53?
RAZNER: Mac 53, Mac 53.
COACH: Eckert, you got to stop with the cowboy shit!
ESCKER: If I did that, I'd still be back on the 20, Coach!
COACH: Get Danny on the corner! Tell him to get his ass out of bounds!
ESCKER: Line! Line!
PLAYER 62: Pick him up. Pick him up.
COACH: 4._______________ your team, 9! Take us to the house, Eckert!
COACH: You got to stop the clock!
JED: Take it out of bounds!
ANNOUNCER: Clock is still running.
COACH: Field goal, Archer!
ESCKER: Coach, let me go for it!
COACH: You got to be kidding me! Field goal! Come on! Kitner, what the hell are you doing?
KITNER: It's for the podcast for the school website
COACH: They allow cursing on that podcast?
KITNER: No, sir.
COACH: Then get that shit out of my face!
ANNOUNCER: No good! And that's the game. Final 5._______________, Titans, 17. Wolverines, 14. Thanks for coming out tonight, Wolverines.

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