quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013

Twilight - Breaking Down Part 2

After 18 years of being utterly ordinary I finally found I could shine I was born to be a vampire.
You're so 1.______________. We're the same temperature now.
I didn't expect you to seem so... you.
I have to report a 2.______________. The Cullens, they've done something terrible.
The Volturi think Renesme is an immortal child.
She was born not bitten. She grows every single day.
Oh, my!
Maintaining our 3.______________ has never been more imperative.

What's it now?
The Volturi, they are coming for us.

If enough people knew the truth, maybe we could convince the Volturi to listen. 
My 4.______________ is in danger, I need your help.
We join you.
We'll stand with you.
Lots of red eyes around you.
I'll never let 5.______________ hurt you.

Utterly = completamente
Bitten = mordida
Every single day = A cada dia ("single" é usado para dar ênfase)
Imperative = Absolutamente necessário
What's it now = O que foi agora?
Enough = suficiente
Join = unir, juntar

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