sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Red 2

What are you doing here with all this bulk?
Living life. 
What are you doing here? 
I need you. 
Look, I'm 1.__________________, OK? 
You haven't killed anybody in months. 
That's a positive thing! 
They're coming. I can feel it.  
6 hours ago, somebody said you and I took part in an 2.__________________ called Nightshade. 
At the height of the cold war, a megaton device was smuggled into Moscow piece by piece and then reassembled. The 3.__________________ was Edward Bailey. He's in an asylum for the criminally insane.  
Frank Moses, my dear fellow! Why are you so old? 
You've been locked up here for 32 years.  
Come on Frankie, you've got to be kidding me. Come on, put 'em up! 
Eleven million people are gonna lose their lives if you don't help me. Is there any way you can tell us where the bomb is? 
4.__________________ it.  
That's not good. 
And my six has just given me a 5.__________________ to kill you. Apparently you're number one on Interpol's most wanted.  
What did you say? 
It's 6.__________________ to enjoy life while you still can. They're sending an old friend of yours as well.  
He's the best contract killer in the world. You need 7.__________________.  
Hello, Frank. 
Who is she? 
How are things? 
Yeah, Frank. How are 8.__________________
What are you doing kissing my girl? 
What happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin 
You gave her a gun? 
She has no idea what to do with it. 
I know exactly what to do with it. 
It'll be like the old 9.__________________, Frank.  
I hate her so much.  
You're a dead man, Moses. 
I ain't dead yet. 
I never heard of you. Must be a little bit before my 10.__________________.  
Well you've heard of me now.  
To saving the world! 

bulk = volume
megaton = milhões de toneladas
smuggled = contrabandeados
reassembled = remontados
asylum = asilo
locked up = trancados / trancafiados

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