quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2014

Intolerable Cruelty

Freddy. Freddy Bender, this is Rex Rexroth. And you are the lovely Marylin.  
Please, Ms. Rexroth. And you must be Mr. Massey. 
Please, Miles. Sit. Sit down.                   
Freddy, I was 1. ______________ to hear about the Goldberger award. 
We did very well
We did very well.                   
Not to 2. _______________, Mrs. Rexroth.  You're ably represented. I'm sure Freddy's just too modest to tell you he used to clerk for Clarence Thomas.      
Pastry? Going begging. 
Don't try to bait me, Miles. If you have a 3. _______________ to make, 
let's hear it. 
Well, at this point my 4. _________________ is still prepared to consider 
My client's ruled that out
My client is prepared to entertain an amicable dissolution to the 5. 
______________ without prejudice. 
That's a fart in a stiff wind.                
My client proposes a 30 day cooling-off period.               
My client feels 6. ________________ dispassionate.  
My client asks that you not initiate proceedings pending his setting 
certain affairs in order.
What's so goddamn 7. _________________?                   
Please, let me handle this. All right, so much for the ice-breakers. What 
are you after, Freddy?     
My client is prepared to settle for fifty 8. _______________ of the marital assets.  Why only  Freddy? Why not a hundred? While we're dreaming, why not? Are you 9. ________________ with Kershner?
Kershner does not apply.                   
Bring this to trial, we'll see if Kershner applies.                   
What's Kershner? 
Please, let me handle this.               
Kershner was in Kentucky.
Kershner was in Kentucky?                   
Kershner was in Kentucky.
All right, Freddy, forget Kershner. What's your bottom line?  
Primary residence, percent of remaining assets. 
What, are you nuts? Have you forgotten Kershner?  
Freddy, it's a 10. ________________.  
See you at the preliminary. Freddy, we're all friends here. It's a negotiation. Hey, uh -- Freddy! Fine. We'll eat the pastry. 
I thought that went well.

Sit down = Sente-se
We did very well = Nós no saímos muito bem
Don't try to bait me = Não tente me enganar, trapacear
Ruled that out = Descartou isso
Amicable = Amigável
Cooling-off period = Tempo para pensar, preríodo de reflexão
Dispassionate = "Desapaixonada"
Let me handle this = Deixe que eu cuido disso, lido com isso
Bottom line = Resultado final
Nuts = "Louco"

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