segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

Taxi Driver

Where are you going? 
I have to leave now.
I don't know why I came in 2________________. I don't like these 3________________.
Well, I mean, I, you know I didn't know that you'd feel that way about this movies.
I don't know 4________________ about movies, but if I... 
Are these the only kind you go to?
Well,  Yeah, I mean, I come... this is not so bad.
Taking me to a place like this is about as 5________________ to me as saying, "Let's f--."
Uh. There are other 6________________ I can take you. There are plenty of other movies I can take you to. I don't know much 7________________ them but I could take you to other places
We're just different.
8________________ a second. Wait a second.
I have to go.
Wait a second. I wanna talk to you.
I have to go now. 
Wait a second.
Taxi !
Can't I 9________________ to you at least? Won't you talk to me? I didn't know--
Won't you take the record? 
I've already got it.
But, please. I bought it for you.
Thanks. Now I've got two. Let's go.
Can I 10________________ you?
Jesus Christ! I got a taxi !
Have a nice ride!
Teacher Vinicius

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