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Things to know about a Car Rental in Europe

There are several things to keep in mind when you are renting a vehicle.

When you arrive at the rental location, be sure to ask if the vehicle is diesel fuel or regular fuel.

Also, be sure to notice if the vehicle should be returned with a full or empty tank of fuel.

If you return with a full tank of fuel, make sure to save all the receipts.

Nearly all vehicles have unlimited mileage included with the rentals.

However, some vehicles may have mileage restrictions.

Make sure you inquire about this if you are uncertain. Another thing to be aware is when the rental is due to be returned.

Generally there are no grace period for returning the vehicle. European car agencies base the rentals on a twenty four hour period.

If the car rental is checked at a later time than the check-out, the car rental suplier will charge an adittional day to the rental left in their local rate.

Always remember to ask someone if you have any questions regarding your rental.

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