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Three Car Rental Tips For Saving Money

Hi, I'm Mat Granite and we put more perks in your hands than anyone else
and so many of us wheter traveling for business or beyond,
how usually an allowance for a car rental and somtimes if you're 
office is paying for that car rental, you reach a point where you decide alright my business trip is over.

I wanna tal on a weekend and I want make it special.
I don't want to overpay so wheter you are trying to save your office money, you're just trying to benefit I have 3 goods. 

The first:

Avoid the airport, I know when youáre traveling for business this is the most 
convenient place to pick up but sometimes returning it to a car rental lot nowhere near the airport, You could put more than a hundred bucks back in your hand your reservation in saving somewhere between 30 and 35 percent. 


Go with a company that isn't one of the big boys we all know the reliability a many of the large companies like holds Avs, Hertz, Enterprise, but sometimes the small companies that are just as reliable as Foxer, Discount car rental, Sixt they will save you a lt of money and someimes they're a little bit more open to bargaining at the counter for a better vehicle.

And three, somewhat I consider to be a really big way to save money considered tacking on an extra week into an extra day to the reservation.
I know if you're going for eight days why would you out tonigh but sometimes that night day lowers your rates significantl it to block in an extra bonus and as long as you make sure there's no penalty to return your car into early you are working the parts to your advantage. 

Let's all I feel I was put on this deal.
Answer and helpig will save your money requested there it's waiting for you I'm not granted on Twitter and we meet again.

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