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Rental Cars: 5 Tips for a Better Deal

Renting a car can be an expensive proposition and it's likely to get even more
so the number rental car companies is about to drop. Dollar Thriffy is on the block and probably the Hertz is going to buy it that means less competition which could lead to potentially higher prices so you always want to comparison shop and here are five tips that can help you save big box.

Tip 1. Rent near the airport not at the airport smaller outside companies might offer better pricing and you'll definetely avoid airport fees!

Tip 2. If you don't need a car the whole time rent by the hour, there are cars sharing services in many major cities. The topper cars for as low as seven bucks an hour.

Here is tip number 3. If you find yourself in an airport with lots of different rental car counters, go up to and then compare prices. What I do is reserve a car, then I go to these counters and see if they'll beat the deal that I have. I've goten a convertible a subcompact price I got lower rates.

Tip 4. Doing online discounts coupon search, it's a simple as Google 'car rental discount coupons'.

And tip number 5. Use your membership in any up hundreds of organisations to get a better deal. There are listed discount codes online bottom line.

Using a little imagination and doing a little artwork help you save up money and money on car rentals and lot of other things for that matter.

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I am Stacy Johnson.

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