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The Nanny Diaries

Dica: As 10 palavras faltando são:
clothes - eating - nanny - race - required - room - simple - smiling - study - wild

Child-rearing around the world both survived varieties in customs and ways.
-Stop 1.______________________ them boogers!
In Africa they have the saying, it takes a village to raise a child. But for the tribe of the upper-eastside of Manhattan, it takes just one person. The 2.______________________.
- Dear Nanny, welcome on board. Please make yourself at home.
- Err.. Nanny, what are you doing?
- This is your 3.______________________.
- Oh, very sweet.
This Spring...
- Why don't we 4.______________________ to the front door?
- Catch my finger.
- Au!
- I am not letting go until you open the door!
- Pardon me, I think this belongs to Grayer.
- I am the X's new nanny. Very new.
- I'm taking off all my 5.______________________
- Seems to be popular on this floor.
- Nanny, today is the 4th of July party. Costumes are 6.______________________.
- What wrong? Why won't you shake your boogie?
- Because I have to make a doody.
- Hold the elevator!
- Nanny, in the morning I need you to stop at Tiffany's and pick up Mr. X's watch, then I need you to xerox the recommendation letters for Gayer's collegiate application. Also, we should introduce French food into his diet. It might enhance his 7.______________________ of the language. Dry cleaning.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? Get out of here right now.
- Not until you agree seeing me.
- He's a little out of your league, don't you think?
- You've got to quit, it's just that 8.______________________.
- I would love to quit, but I can't leave Grayer with that woman.
- It is yoga hour and mommy is on the phone.
- Grmph
Scarlett Johanson, Laura Linney, Alicia Keys, Chris Evans...
- I don't know what has gotten into her lately. I've installed a nanny cam.
- Aha. Okay lady, I'll give you a nanny that's going 9.______________________ a comedy about life at the top as seen from the bottom.
- I believe this videotape shows her feeding my child peanut butter and jelly directly from the jar.
- Time's up, lady. Try 10.______________________ once in a while. People hate you.
- The teddy bear has been compromised.
The Nanny Diaries.

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