quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2016


MARISSA: Oh for Christ's sake, Lewis.
ERIK: Hello Marissa. I heard you were 1._______________.
MARISSA: Did your little girl tell you that?
ERIK: What are you 2._______________to? 
MARISSA: Self help.
ERIK: Are you in need of help? 
MARISSA: It’s good to hear you. I didn’t imagine we’d have the chance to  3._______________.
ERIK: You don't have her, do you? You're not that good.
MARISSA: Oh, Erik. You’re such a flirt. 
LEWIS - Tech's on the way.
MARISSA: You were a good 4._______________Erik. It was sad to see you go dumb. What did I 5._______________?
ERIK: I couldn’t do it anymore. The things we did.
MARISSA: I... I'm sorry with Johanna. 
ERIK: With all of them. With Hanna.
MARISSA: So why come back now?
LEWIS: Tech guys.
MARISSA: I asked you a question. Erik, are you still there? *
MARISSA: Move. Get up. 

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