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Summer School - Driving Lessons

Is this some kind of sick, twisted joke?

No, I' m combining Denise' s 1.__________ lesson with your ride to the beach. Come on. Get in.

We took driver training with Denise. Call us a cab.

Get your grisly butts in the car.

Man, let me drive. I' m going for my 2.__________ next week. 

Chainsaw, you' ve been drinking.

No, it' s cough medicine. check out this phlegm. 

Save the phlegm. you' re not driving anywhere.

I'll tell you something and this is fact you know, why so many 3.__________ drivers get in wrecks? They don' t learn to drive drunk.

Fact, alcohol kills brain cells. you lose one more, you' re a talking monkey. Come on , get in. come on. Ok, Denise, start her up. Signal left . Pull on out. Can I call my folks and say I won' t be home... ever?

I' m not used to this car. 

I think it' s 4.__________. Move it out. Nice and smooth. Oh, yeah, That' s... fine. Good. Why did you do that? 

A car was coming.

Well, it'll happen from time to time. Come on, Denise, he won' t bother us. We just got lapped by an old lady with a walker. See that 5.__________ between those cars?


Pull in. 

You mean parallel park. That's my weak spot. 

Listen to her. Ok. 

I'm sober now. That's good for today. 

We live!



Frases interessantes: 

1. Denise, start her up. Signal left . Pull on out.
Denise. dê partida. Seta para a esquerda. Arranque.

2. I' m not used to this car. 
Eu não estou acostumada com este carro

3. You mean parallel park. That's my weak spot. 
Você quer dizer baliza. Este é o meu ponto fraco.

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