terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2013


I've always believed that destiny chooses our path in 1._______________.

Here is your sidekick (amigo fiel / parceiro).

Here is your binky (apelido para pacifier = chupeta).

You are destined for.

Destined for... what? I didn't quite hear that last 2._______________.

They came to our world together. But they were destined.

Our baby can 3._______________.

Yes, yes nothing but the best for you, darling.

To take different paths (caminhos).

Can we keep him?

One would be cheered (animado).

Happy Metroman day, Metro City!

I love you Metroman!

And I love you, random (aleatório / desconhecido) 4._______________!

While the other...

5._______________ for two.

..was feared (temido).

What? What?

But November 5th.

A new threat has come to Metro City... Consider yourselves under new 6._______________.

..and Metroman is nowhere to be found.

He'll destroy the whole city!

I'm sorry. I'm finally free to get in touch with my true power. Making awesome music.

You're kidding, right?

The world needs a 7._______________.

You need to be that guy.

Well, this is a strange turn of events (rumo dos acontecimentos).

He will answer the call.

Olo, It's hello.

Oh. hello. Like that?

And the super hero movie...

Just a few alterations, and I will be done with your cape. I'm calling it the Black Mamba.
 Nota: A "mamba-negra" é a segunda serpente maior e mais venenosa do mundo.

...will never be the same.

Let the showdown (plano) begin.

Will Ferrell

Where did you park the 8._______________ car?

Tina Fey

What's the plan?

It mostly involves not dying.

That's a good plan. I like that plan.

Jonah Hill

Ah. 9._______________ the spray!

We're all out. Well, use the forget me stick. Oh, right.

I think it's working.

Brad Pitt

Check this out. I have eyes, that can see, right through lead (chumbo).

Do you have your disguise (disfarce)?

Oh, you look 10._______________.

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