quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2015

Liar Liar - Car Troubles (1997)

- What's your problem, schmuck? 
- l'm an inconsiderate prick! 
- Oh, shit ! - Shit!
- You know why l 1.____________ you over? 
- Depends on how long you were following me! 
- Why don't we take it from the top? 
- Here goes. 
- l sped, l followed too closely, l ran a 2.____________ sign, l almost hit a Chevy, l sped some more, l failed to yield, l changed lanes without signaling while speeding! 
- ls that all? 
- No. 
- l have unpaid 3.____________ tickets.
- Be gentle. 
- Audrey ! Wait!
- Wait, Audrey. Ooh ! Hold on. Wait! 
- Wait. l just had an insight into myself. l'm crazy. 
- You call and say, "Wait, l'll be right over," and here's the crazy part l actually wait. 
- l can explain this. 
- l have missed a department meeting. 
- Did you come in a 4.____________? 
- Yes ! - Where's your car? 
- Thank you ! l can't tell you how much this means to me.
- l can. $ . . 
- How do you sleep at night? 
- l'm takin' this.
- You 5.____________ my car! 
- Where? 
- Right there!
- Oh, there. That was already there. 
- Why, you ! - You liar ! 
-You know what l'm gonna do about this? 
- Nothing ! Because if l take you to court, it'll drain eight hours out of my life, and you won't show up, and if l got the judgement, you'd just stiff me anyway ! 
- And then bend over and take it up the tailpipe!
- You been here before, haven't ya?

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