quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2015

McQueen Lost his tire - Cars

This is it Darrell, one lap to go and Lightning McQueen has a huge 1.____________.

Darrell: All he's got it in the bag. Call in the dogs and put out the fire! We're gonna crown us a new champion!

McQueen: Checkered flag, here I come!

Darrell: Oh, no! McQueen has blown a 2.____________!

Bob: And with only one turn to go! Can he make it?

McQueen's crew: You fool!

The King's Coach: McQueen's blown a tire!, McQueen's blown a tire! Go,go,go!

Darrell: He lost another tire! The King and Chick are coming up 3.____________!

Bob: They're entering turn three!

McQueen: Come on.

Darrell: I don't belive what I'm watching, Bob!

Darrell: Lightning McQueen is 4.____________ feet from his Piston Cup!

Bob: The King and Chick rounding turn four.

Darrell: Down the stretch they come! And it's, and it's...

Bob: It's too close to call! Too close to call!

Darrell: I don't 5.____________ it! 

Mia & Tia: Lightning!

Bob: The most spectacular, amazing unequivocally, unbelievable ending in the history of the world! And we don't even know who won!

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