terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2018

Chase’s Surgery

-Dr. Chase: You want me to do a second major 1._____ on a patient we almost lost during the first major surgery to see if she needs a third major surgery?
-Dr. Foreman: We need a piece of the Ganglioma.
-Dr. Chase: Then, you’re talking about another 2._____, yours doesn’t have a Ganglioma.
-Dr. Foreman: And if there is one and you missed it?
-Dr. Chase: Then you’re talking about another surgeon. I didn’t miss anything.
-Dr. Foreman: But we’re not talking about another 3._____, this one showed a bump we need to biopsy.
-Dr. Chase: Bump? Oh yeah…my grandfather 4._____ of a bump.
-Dr. Chase: She can’t survive a second round of 5._____ anesthesia, even less a third.
-Dra. Hadley: You’d do this for House.

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