terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2018

House MD Patient

-Patient: Are those the 1._____ test results?
-House: Yes!
-Patient: And?
-House: I’m going to ask you for some 2._____.
-Patient: Why?
-House: To see if your answer will be: “I can’t 3._____ in public”. This wasn’t your urine, was it?
-Patient: Why would I give you someone else’s urine?
-House: Usual reason is because you’re on 4._____.
-Patient: I’m not an athlete.
-House: Daahh. Second favorite reason is because you’re on drugs.
-Patient: I’m not.
-House: I am. Third favorite reason is you have insurance but your friend eggs benedict doesn’t. So, eggs describes a list of 5._____ and you repeat them to a doctor, which is particularly stupid because this is a free clinic.

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