quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2018

Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

SrªSmith - Perfect timing. 

Srº Smith - As always. This is a nice surprise. 

SrªSmith - I hope so. You're home early. 

Srº Smith - I missed you. SrªSmith - I missed you, too. Shall we? 

Srº Smith - Yes. Thought these were for special occasions. 

SrªSmith - This is a special occasion. 

Srº Smith - Pot roast. My favourite. Allow me, sweetheart. Been on your feet all day. 

SrªSmith - Thank you. 

Srº Smith - Sure. So how's work? 

SrªSmith - Actually, we had a little trouble with a commission. 

Srº Smith - Is that right? SrªSmith - Yeah. Double booking with another firm. Green beans? 

Srº Smith - No, thank you. 

SrªSmith - You'll have some. 

Srº Smith - Well, I hope everything worked out OK. 

SrªSmith - It hasn't yet. But it will. 

Srº Smith - Pot roast is my favourite. Sweetheart, could you pass the salt? Tried something new? 

SrªSmith - How was Atlanta? Srº Smith - Had a few problems ourselves. Some figures didn't add up. 

SrªSmith - Big deal? Srº Smith - Life or death. Wine? 

Srº Smith - I got it.

SrªSmith - I'll get a towel. 

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