quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

About time

Tim: My name is Tim. This is the year that would 1.__________________ my life forever.  
Everybody: Happy New Year! 
Tim: Happy New Year! 
Tim: I just didn't know it yet.  
Dad: Tim, my dear son, this is going to sound strange, but there's this family  2._________________ that the men in the family can travel in time.  
Tim: - This is such a weird 3.___________________. 
Dad: - It's not a joke. 
Tim: - If it's true, 4._________________ it isn't. 
Dad: Although it is. 
Tim: - But, if it was, which it's not. 
Dad: - Which it is. 
Tim: - How would I actually... 
Dad: - You go in to a dark place, clench your fists, think of the 5._________________ you're going to and you'll find yourself there. 
Everybody: - Happy New Year! 
Tim: - It's gonna be a complicated year. 
Dad: - It's gonna be a complicated life. 
Tim: - For me, it was always going to be all about love. 
Tim: - I'm Tim. 
Mary: - I'm Mary. 
Tim: - That's my mother's name. 
Mary: - I 6._________________ you of your mother? 
Tim: - Obviously I should've thought this through more. Could you give me one second? 
Tim: - I'm Tim. 
Mary: - I'm Mary. 
Tim: - I love your eyes. 
Mary: - Do you? 
Tim: - I love the rest of your face, too. I haven't even looked further down but I'm sure it's all fantastic. 
Tim: - I'm sure it will be 7.__________________ next time. 
Mary: - Well done. Some people make a real 8.__________________ of it the first time. 
Tim: - Amateurs.  
Tim: Some days you want to relive forever. 
Tim: - Will you marry me? 
Mary: - I think I'll go for, yes. 
Tim: Some days you only want to live once. 
Mum: - I am so uninterested in a life without your father. 
Tim: - It never occurred to me that I might lose you. 
Dad: I never said you could fix everything. Not without 9.__________________. 
Tim: - It's so good to see you. 
Mary: - We've never met before. 
Tim: - Oh no. 
Mary: - What do I do? 
Dad: - You have to use it to make your life the way you want it to be. 
Tim: I never know what the future holds, just like everyone else. 
Dad: - Time catches up to all of us. My son. 
Tim: My dad. 
Tim: - I've tried to live every day as if it was the final day of my 10.____________________, ordinary life. 
Mary: - Will I see you again? 
Tim: You will. My whole life depends on it.

Strange = estranho
Weird = estranho, bizarro
Clench your fists = cerre os punhos
Gonna = going + to = vai
Amateurs = amadores
Uninterested = desinteressada
Fix = consertar, arrumar 
Time catches up to all of us = O tempo alcança todos nós. (chega para todos)


See you!
Teacher Thalita

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