quarta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2014

I, Frankenstein

Frankenstein the rumors are 1.__________________.
I was 2.__________________ life 200 years ago, I am like none other.
You have strength and speed and stamina far beyond that of any human, you can use those 3.__________________ in a war that you are 4._______________ a part of. I go my 5._______________ way.
You cannot save the human race. Nothing can stop their demise.
6.__________________ with me, there is an entire army of monsters like me. Tens of thousands of them, it can mean the end of all mankindThis ends 7.__________________When I 8.__________________ you I looked into your eyes and saw darknessI’m a 9.__________________.
You are only a monster if you behave like one. Frankenstein must be 10.__________________.  God will surely damn you. He already did!

Demise = falecimento
Mankind = humanidade
Stamina = resistência
Darkness = escuridão
Behave = se comportar
Damn = condenar

Lights, camera, ACTION!

See you,
Teacher Vinicius

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