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The Proposal - Trailer

- Oh no, no… 
- You’re cuttin’ it close.
- Oh, come on!
- Good 1._____________, Miss Tate. 
- I need you round this weekend. 
- This weekend? 
- You have a problem with that? 
- No, I just, I… it’s just my grandmother’s 90th birthday, so I was gonna go home, and… it’s fine I’ll 2. _____________  it.
- Is that your family? 
- Yes. 
- D’they tell you to quit? 
- Every single day. 
- Margaret Tate’s office! 
- This isn’t about my second race, is it? 
- Margaret, your Visa application is denied. You’re being 3. _____________
- Deported? It’s not like I’m an immigrant or something I’m from Canada! 
- If you’re deported, you can’t work for an American 4. _____________
- If there was any way at all that we could make this thing work… 
- Pardon the interruption… 
- I understand the… predicament, but there is something that you should know. We are, uh, we’re getting married! 
- Who is…who is getting married? 
- You and I. You and I are getting married, yes.
- We are…?
 - Getting married, yes. Can’t fight a love like ours. So, uh, uh, are we good with this? 
-  Terrific. Make it all legal. We’ll put this whole thing behind us. 
- We need to get ourselves to the immigration office. So we can work this whole mess out
- I’m not going to marry you! 
- If you don’t, you’ll be on the street, all alone, looking for a job. 
- Have the two of you told your 5. _____________ about your secret love?
- We’re going to their place this weekend.
- Oh, where is that located?
- Alaska. 
- Alas-ka. 
- This is the last of them.
She comes with a lot of 6. _____________.
- This is your bedroom. 
- Where’s Andrew’s room? 
- He’ll sleep in here with you. 
- Great. We love to snuggle, don’t we, honey? 
- We’re huge snugglers. 
- Breakfast for the happy couple! 
- Just a second. Oh my God! What is that? 
- I’m sorry? 
- What is it? 
- It’s the morning.
- How can you be around someone who made your life so miserable? 
- Sweetie. 
- 7. _____________ . Some proposals change you 
- Why don’t you get married here 8._____________
- Let’s see you kiss!
- Give her a real 9. _____________
- Hello? 
- Oh - Oh my God! 
- Why are you naked
- Why are you wet
- Oh my God! 
- My mother made it by 10. _____________
- Maybe a tad loose in certain areas. 
- I’m a bit chesty to begin with. It’s like an Easter egg hunt! There they are! 
- Yeah! That’s them.

cuttin' it close - fazer as coisas sem muito tempo extra disponível. Trabalhar com a agenda cheia. 
round - em turno
race - prova
predicament - apuro / situação difícil
work this whole mess out - resolver esta confusão
snuggle - ficar juntinho / aconchegar-se
proposals - propostas / pedidos de casamento
naked - nú
wet - molhada
Easter egg hunt - Caça aos ovos de Páscoa

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