terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

Valentine's Day

- Why do you hate heart-shaped 1,_____________?- I think it's because it reminds me that this is Valentine's Day, and I'm recently singleWe weren't on the same page.- Sorry.- It's okay. It's 2._____________.- Nothing to be done?- No, no. I've seen the enemy and the enemy is me.- You could go for the stewardess. She seems to like you.- I think she likes everybody, that's her job.- She looks over here every 5 3._____________.- No.- Ready?- Five, four, three...- You wanna bet on it?- I'll bet you a bag of pretzels.- Okay.- Five, four, three, two...- Oh, there it is.- Okay. All right, that was a 4. _____________.- Five, four, three...- Stop it. Stop it.- Looked on three. She's gonna come here.- Excuse me.- Can I get you anything?- A bag of pretzels, please.- Two, 5._____________.
VOCABULARYheart-shaped  - formato de coraçãostewardess - comissária de vooYou wanna bet on it? - Quer aposta?

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