sábado, 21 de maio de 2016

Iron Man - Missile

Why do you think you're still 1._________________ ?
What do I call you?

My name is Yinsen.
Yinsen. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
That doesn't look like a Jericho 2._________________.
That's because it's a miniaturized arc reactor. I got a big one powering my 3._________________ at home. It should keep the shrapnel out of my heart.
But what could it generate?
If my 4._________________ is right, and it always is, three gigajoules per second.

That could run your heart for 50 lifetimes.

Yeah. Or something big for 15 5._________________.

This is our ticket out of here. 

What is it?
Flatten them out and look.

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