segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2016

The Lincoln Lawyer - O Advogado e a Lei

Let's roll (vamos a luta), Earl.

Hey boss.

Pull over (encoste) up here.


Eddie, we had a 1.___________ - either pay me, or go with the public 2.___________.

Another 5 grand (mil)?


Ain't you gonna count it? (não vai contar)

Just did (acabei de contar).



I'm Michael Haller

Mr. Haller. This whole thing is a setup (armação). I made a 3.___________, with that woman, and she is setting me up.

Keep your voice down.

The cops are saying he beat up the girl really bad, they wanna sell the deadly 4.___________

You sure there's not anything that you're not telling me?


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