terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2018

Beetlejuice Real Estate Agent

-Hi, Barbara.
-I’m glad I caught you. I heard you were on 1.____.
-That’s right Jane, complete vacation.
-Honey, today I’m $ 260.000,00!
-No Jane. It’s 6:45 in the morning.
-This 2.____ is real. From a man in New York City who only saw a photograph.
-Jane. Don’t send people photos of our 3.____.
-He wants to bring the wife and family up here for some 4.____.
-That’s exactly what we are looking for.
-But this house is too 5.____ for you. It really ought to be for a couple with a family, you know?
-Oh pumpkin! I didn’t mean anything it’s just that really this house is too big.
-Jane, I’ll see you in a few weeks, okay?
-Alright. Think about it.
-Take care.

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