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Friends - Everyone orders in the restaurant

Waiter : Do I dare ask?
Monica : Yes, I will start with the carpaccio, and then I’ll have the grilled prawns.
Ross : That sounds great. Same for me.
Waiter : And for the gentleman?
Joey : Yeah, I’ll 1._____________________ the Thai chicken pizza. But, hey, look, if I get it without the nuts and leeks and stuff, is it 2._____________________?
Waiter : You’d think, wouldn’t you? Miss?
Rachel : Ok, I will have the uh, side salad.
Waiter :  And what will that be on the 3._____________________ of?
Rachel : Uh, I don’t know. Why don’t you put it right here 4._____________________ my water?
Waiter : And for you?
Phoebe : Um, I’m gonna have a cup of the cucumber soup, and, um, take care.
Chandler : I will have the uh, Cajun catfish.
Waiter : Anything else?
Chandler : Yes, how ’bout a verse of Killing Me Softly. You’re gonna sneeze on my fish, aren’t you?
Ross :Wow. Is anybody else feeling like just gave 5._____________________to an alien?
People: Yes......No...
Ross :  Plus tip, divided by six and everyone owes 28 bucks.
Rachel : Um, 6._____________________?
Ross : Oh, you’re right, I’m sorry.
Joey : Thank you.
Ross : Monica’s big night, she 7._____________________ pay.
Monica : Oh, thank you!
Ross : So five of us is, $33.50 apiece.
Phoebe : No, huh uh, no way, I’m sorry, not gonna happen.
Chandler : Whoa, whoa, prom night flashback.
Phoebe : I’m sorry, Monica, I’m really 8._____________________ you got promoted, but cold cucumber mush for thirty-something bucks? No! Rachel just had that, that, that 9._____________________, and, and Joey with his like teeny pizza! It’s just...
Ross : Ok, Pheebs! How ’bout we’ll each just 10._____________________ for what we had. It’s no big deal.
Phoebe : Not for you.

Vocabulary & Expressions
Apiece / each = cada
To sneeze = espirrar
Cucumber = pepino
Mush = papa
bucks (informal) = dollar 
Grilled prawns = camarão grelhado
Carpaccio = um prato feito a partir de carne ou de peixe cru, cortado em fatias finas, e é comumente servido como um aperitivo ou antepasto
Nuts = nozes
Leeks = alho-poró
Cajun catfish = um prato apimentado feito de peixe-gato (bagre)
Plus = mais (adição)
To owe = dever

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