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Job Interview

View from the top

I'm John Whitney.
Maybe a little too long.
This one. Head of the Royalty flight-attendant training program. Tell me, why do you want to work for Royalty Airlines?
I believe that I have a lot to offer your airline.
Because the 1.____________ are...You know, they're so much bigger. Oh. My gum.
Why do you want to work for Royalty Airlines?
Oh, well...I've got a lot of answers. But I just got to think of the right one.
Take your 2.____________.Collect. Gather. Go.
Because I'm organized and efficient.
I worked for Sierra Airlines,you know. I put that down there. Yeah, right above Hooters.
Right. Oh, yes.
If there is a task, I will not stop until I have completely it perfectly.
Did I say "3.____________"?
Got a question for you.
What's your tolerance level for pain? Physical pain.
Like, sexual pain?
Would you consider yourself a people person?
Oh, definitely. Big people person. Not just big people.
Not just giants.
You got it.
To learn and to follow through with all the 4.____________.
I'm just gonna say a few words.
Scooby Doo-Doo.
Tectonic plates.
Tectonic plates.
Do you handle surprises well?
Do you handle surprises well?
I scared you, didn't l?
No, no.
It has always been my 5.____________ to work for the best.
And I think you guys are the best.
That's just terrific.
You're terrific, how about?
No. This one.It's called strabismus. There's no business like "strobusiness." I get to make jokes.
Does anything frighten you?
Oh, you mean the eye?

Vocabulary & Expressions
To handle = lhe dar com
Take your time = leve o tempo que for preciso
Pain = dor
Terrific = excelente, fantástico 

The pursuit of happyness

Chris Gardner.  How are you?  Good morning.  Chris Gardner.  Chris Gardner.  Good to see you again.  Chris Gardner.  Pleasure. 
I’ve been sitting there for the last half-hour trying to come up with a story that would explain my being here dressed like this.  And I wanted to come up with a story that would demonstrate qualities that I’m sure you all admire here, like earnestness or diligence and team-playing, something.  And I couldn’t think of anything.  So the truth is I was arrested for failure to pay parking tickets. 
Parking tickets? 
I ran all the way here from the Polk Station, the 1._______________________. 
What were you doing before you were arrested? 
I was painting my apartment. 
Is it dry now? 
Jay says you’re pretty determined. 
Oh, he’s been waiting outside the front of the building with some 40-pound gizmo for over 3._______________________. 
He said you’re smart.
I like to think so. 
And you want to learn this business?
Yes, sir, I wanna learn this business. 
Have you already started learning on your own
Yes, sir. 
How many times have you seen Chris? 
I don’t know.  One too many apparently. 
Was he ever dressed like this?
No.  No.  4._______________________. 
First in your class in school?  High school?
Yes, sir. 
How many in the class?
Twelve.  It was a small town. 
I’ll say.
But I was also first in my radar class in the Navy and that was a class of 20. … Can I say something?  I’m the type of person if you 5._______________________and I don’t know the answer I ‘m gonna tell you that I don’t know.  But I bet you what.  I’ll know how to find the answer, and I will find the answer.  Is that fair enough? 
Chris, what would you say if a guy walked in for an interview without a shirt on and I hired him?  What would you say? 
He must’ve had on some really nice pants. 

Vocabulary & Expressions
Half-hour = meia hora
Dressed  = vestido
Earnestness = seriedade
(to be) arrested = ser preso 
Dry = seco
Smart = esperto
To bet = apostar
On your own = Sozinho, por sua conta.

The devil wears Prada

Who are you?
My name is Andy Sachs. I recently 1._______________ from Northwestern University.
And what are you doing here?
I came to New York to be a Journalist and basically, it's this or Auto Universe.
So you don't 2._______________ Runway?
And 3._______________ today, you had never heard of me.
And you have no style or sense of fashion.
Well, I think that depends on what you're...
No, no. That wasn’t a 4._______________.
You're right. I don't fit in here. I am not skinny or glamorous . But I'm smart. I learn fast and I will work very hard.
I got the exclusive on the Cavalli for Gwyneth.
Thank you for your 5._______________. 

Vocabulary & Expressions 
Northwestern = noroeste
To fit = se enquadrar, caber, encaixar
Skinny = magra

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