quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

Orange is the new black

- Hello?
- It's 1. _________________.
- Alex?
- I was just gonna drop this off, but... 2. __________________.
- Just give it.
- 3. _______________ it to me.
- Attention all personnel, be advised count is off. Can we please conduct a recount?
- Do you 4. ________________ the Four Seasons in the Seychelles? Gosh, we just threw our laundry into the hallway, it was like 40 bucks for a pair of pants.
- Hey.
- I've been thinking about it... a lot. And I just wanted to let you know that there are no hard feelings. I was pretty 5. ________________, but, I'm over it.
- So, um...
- Friend?
- Wow. That's 8. really big of you, Pipes.

Hard feelings = ressentimentos 
To drop off = deixar
Laundry  = roupa suja
Bucks = dólares (gíria)

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