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The Hangover - Hotel check-in

- Hi, 1. ________________ to Caesar's.
- Hello.
- Checking in?
- Yeah. We have a 2. ________________ under Dr. Price.
- Okay, let me look that up for you.
- Dr. Price? Stu, you're a 3. _______________, okay? Don't try to get fancy.
- It's not fancy if it's true.
- He's a dentist. Don't get too excited.
- And if, uh, someone has a 4. ______________ attack, you should still call 911.
- We'll be sure to do that.
- Can I ask you a question? Do you know if the hotel's pager-friendly?
- What do you mean?
- I'm not getting a sig on my beeper.
- I'm not sure.
- Is there a payphone bank? Bunch of payphones? 5. ________________.
- Um, there's a phone in your room.
- That'll work.
- So I have you in a two-bedroom suite on the 12th floor, is that okay?
- It sounds 6. _________________.
- Actually, I was wondering if you had any villas.
- Phil, we're not even gonna be in the 7. _________________. It's unnecessary.
- No big deal. We can share beds. It's one night.
- If we're share beds, I'm bunking with Phil.
- You good with that?
- No, I'm not good with that. Guys, we are not sharing beds. What are we, 12 years old? Lisa, I 8. _______________. How much is the villa?  
- Well, we have one villa available, and it's 4200 for the night.
- Is it awesome?
- It's pretty awesome.
- We'll take it. Give her your credit 9. __________________.
- I can't give her my credit card.
- We'll split it.
- Are you crazy? No, this is on us. 
- You don't get it. Melissa checks my statements.
- We just need a credit card on file. We won't charge you until check out, so you can figure it out then.
- That's perfect. Thank you, Lisa. We'll deal with it tomorrow. Come on.
- Fine.
- Can I ask you another question?
- Sure.
- You probably get this a lot. This isn't the 10. _________________ Caesars Palace, is it?
- What do you mean?
- Did, uh... Did Caesar live here?
- Um, no.
- I didn't think so.

Fancy = "enfeitado", luxuoso 
To call 911 = ligar para a emergência
Payphones = telefones públicos, orelhão
To bunk = dividir cama
To split = dividir
Statements = extrato bancário 

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