sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

Lucky You

Well, good to see there's something of the old town Ieft. Now, humor me a minute. How would you have played this? Okay, here's how it went. Seat three, he bets. Seat four, he raises. Seats five and six fold. Seat seven calls. Seat eight folds. Seat one raises over the top. Seats two and three fold. Seats four and seven call. Only three players Ieft to see the 1.___________. 

You're seat four. The raise and the call. You're sitting on something. 

Yeah. The flop comes. King of spades, four of clubs, jack of hearts. Hand one checks. I bet. Hand seven folds. Hand one... ...raises. 

Sandbag. 2.___________ two pair or three of a kind. 

Most likely. To be certain, I make a small raise and...

He calls. 

Why do you say that? 

He reads you for pocket aces. Wants to drag you along, get another bet in before he puts the hammer down. 

3.___________. I might improve. 

Well, if he's two pair, he's 74 percent favorite. Three of a kind makes him 90. 


Okay. Two of us 4.___________. On the turn, six of clubs. No help. I check. 

He bets. 

I call. Okay, on the river what should show up? Another ace. Makes me the man and a half, three aces. So I bet. He says: "I don't think you had aces going in. I think you got stubborn with a bully ace. I think my hand is still tall." And he raises. Big. Something doesn't feel right. Like... ...I'm about to walk into Hydra with his nine heads, so I just.... I call and I turn over my pocket aces. And he rolls over.... 

Two 5.___________. One of them a king. 

You got it. A club flush. On the come-all-along.

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