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Rounders - Poker Scene

- Hey, listen.
- What? 
- I put it all on the line. That's true. And you know what? It wasn't a bad beat. I wasn't 1.__________. I got outplayed. I got outplayed that time. But I know I'm good enough to sit at that table. It's not... It's not a fucking pipe dream. 
- I don't doubt your 2.__________. 
- I never... I never told anybody this. About eight, nine months ago, I'm at the Taj, it's late, and I see Johnny Chan walk in. And he goes, he sits. And the whole place stops when Johnny Chan walks in. Everybody puts an eye on him. After a little while, there wasn't a crap game going... 'cause all the high rollers are over there watching him. Some are playing with him, giving away their money to this guy to say... "Oh, I played with the World 3.__________." And you know what I did?
- What?
- I sat down. 
- Nah, you need grand to play right in that game. 
- Well, I had six, but I had to know. 
- What happened? 
- Played tight for an 4.__________. I folded mostly, and then I made a score. 
- Wired aces or kings? 
- Rags. I had nothing. But he raised. And I just decided, you know, I don't care about the money. I'm just gonna outplay the guy. I'm just gonna outplay this guy this hand. I re-raised. 
- Re-raise. - You played right back at him, huh? 
- Oh, yeah. And he just comes right back over the top of me, trying to bully me like I'm some fucking tourist. I 5.__________ for two seconds. I re-raised. And he makes a move toward his checks, and he looks at me. And he looks at his cards, and he looks at me again. And he mucked it. I took it down. "Did you have it?" "I'm sorry, John. I don't remember." I got up, and I walked to the cashier. I sat with the best in the world, and I won. You put a fucking move on Chan, you son of a bitch.

I got outplayed - Eu fui derrotado / superado
Outplay - Derrotar / Superar
Trying to bully me - Tentando me intimidar
He mucked it - Ele escondeu o jogo (saber que perdeu, sem precisava mostrar as cartas)

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