sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

Wild Card 2015 - Blackjack Scene

Well, you only look about a million times better than before. 

A friend of mine left town. We had this kind of going away thing. 

Sounds sweet. 

How much longer you on this 1.__________? 

11:50. Ten minutes. 

What the hell, I shall keep you company. 

Well, I've been killin' everyone tonight, Nicky. You did something for me once. So believe this, bet small. 2.__________ 100. 

Since it's a $5 minimum, how's if I bet five dollars? 

Bust. It's been like that. Blackjack. I lose more friends this way. 

What is it? 

Cass, I've got 3.__________. And you've a 10 showing, except I know somethin'. Your down card is another picture which makes 20, so my 19 is shit. 

You want me to hit 19, Nicky? 

I'll tell you why. Because there's a weight on my shoulder now. Locks right into my shoulder now. It's happened. I've got to go for the throat, Cass. Because of all the people in all the casinos in all the world, luck's come camping with me. So, yes, I want you to hit my 19. And I'd like a two. Two is 21. Means I win. My two please, Cass. 


I'd like a $1,000 dollar 4.__________ please, Cass. One way or another, this is my last night in Vegas. 

Changing 1,000. Take care, Nicky. 

You playing? 

No. You got mean 5.__________.

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