sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

Maverick - Poker Scene

A thousand and two more.
I'll see your $2,000 and I... Can I just 1.___________ everything I have left
Yes, ma'am. 
That'll be $12,000.
Too rich for my 2.___________. 
I'm out. 
Oh, what the hell! I feel like being 3.___________. I'll call... Uh... It's just a pair of sixes. If you can beat that you got me licked, and that's not a totally unpleasant 3.___________. 
I'm out of the game. I'm out of the game. You put me out of the game.
Yes, I did. 
I didn't do any of my 4.___________. I didn't twirl my hair or I didn't flick my teeth. 
You 5.__________ your breath. 
No, I wasn't. Did I hold my breath? 
Did I hold my breath?
Did I?

Left - Restante / Sobra
Bid - Oferecer / Apostar
Prospect - Perspectiva / Possibilidade
Twirl - Torcer / Enrolar
You got me licked - Você me venceu

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