quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018

Cooking Class

-Teacher: Today we will begin by learning to 1.___ eggs.

-Teacher: First, you must make sure that the egg is 2.____.

-Student: I was so hoping that, well, for something a little more advanced Madam Brassar.

-Teacher: But you are not an advanced 3.____.

-Student: But I do know how to boil an egg.

-Teacher: Do you know how to 4.____ a deck?

-Student: No, but that’s exactly the sort of thing that I’m very interested in learning how to do.

-Teacher: Yeah, there is one other class but you will not like it. It’s for professional which you will never be I’m sure. All men, orgy eyes and very expensive. I cannot imagine that you would ever want pay the 5.____.

-Student: How much?

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