quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018

Food Truck

-Boy: Hey mom!

-Mother: Where are you?

-Boy: I’m in Austin.

-Mother: Are you ok?

-Boy: I’m great!

-Mother: How’s your daddy?

-Boy: You can talk to him.

-Dad: Hi, Ness.

-Mother: Hi, do you want me to go pick him up?

-Dad: No, you’re 1.____ miles away.

-Mother: It’s okay. I can go, get on a plane and pick him up.

-Dad: No, its’s fine. He’s doing great. He’s fine. He’s got a couple birds and two sisters from a paring 2.____.

-Mother: Please, I’m serious. Let me go and pick him up.

-Dad: You know your son is a cook now?
-Boy: I’m a lying 3.____!

-Father: He’s a lying cook.

-Mother: Be careful!

-Father: I’ll have him home in time for school.

-Mother: It looks here like you guys are having so much fun.

-Father: All right. Give me one second. Do you know your son can work a 4.____?

-Boy: I have 5.____!

-Mother: What he said?

-Father: Stop, stop. He says he misses you.

-Mother: Tell him I love him.

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