segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018


Claire - All right, so how does this work?
Pharmacist - It’s all right. I speak English.
Claire - Oh, great, okay.
Pharmacist - What do you need?
Claire - I made a
1.___________ and then I checked on the Internet to see if they were different in Mexico.
Pharmacist - This is a lot. You trying to
2.___________ a small city?
Silvana - This is a very good soap. No buy at home.
Claire - Get it. Get it.
Pharmacist - Do you have 3
Claire - I thought we… I thought we didn’t need prescriptions.
Pharmacist - Well at the
4.___________, unless you have prescriptions, they will take them away.
Claire - Okay, so what do we do? What do we do?
Pharmacist - We open up Mary here…
Claire - Oh, that seems really tricky. What if we get caught?
Pharmacist - You’re a rich white woman. Have you ever been caught in anything?
Claire - Will you just get me something other than Mary? I have problems with anything religious.
Pharmacist - I think you have
5.___________ problems.
Claire - Perceptivo! That’s the one.

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