segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

Matchstick Man

Pharmacist  2 - Don`t forget to drink plenty of 1.____________ with that.
Man 1- Thanks;
Roy - Excuse me, hi.
Pharmacist 1 – l’ll be right with you, sir.
Roy - Hi, l need a refill. No, l don`t have a prescription…
Pharmacist  3 - Sir, please wait your turn.
Roy - l know, I know, but this is an 2.____________.
Man 2 - Buddy, ever heard of a line?
Roy - Ever been dragged to the sidewalk and beaten until you pissed blood? Listen, l’m sorry, l really need…Thank you. Yes! Thank you. I need a refill of this.
Pharmacist 1 - Do you have a 3.____________?
Roy - No, but you see, my doctor, my shrink, gave me these, and they`re samples of… Darn it! l can`t remember… Prefex ! Prefex something.
Pharmacist 1 - I’m sorry sir, but without a prescription, there’s nothing l can do.
Roy - Okay, but you see, l have the 4.____________, so l’m clearly allowed to have them. I just need four or five of them to cover me for the weekend.
Pharmacist 1 - Let me see it.
Roy - Thank you. And l am sorry, sir.
Pharmacist 1 - These are supplements.
Roy -What?
Pharmacist 1 - This packet contains 5.____________.
Roy - No, no, no. My doctor gave those to me. They’re Prefex.
Pharmacist 1 - They`re supplements.
Roy - Bullshit, man! Prefex.
Pharmacist 1 - Supplifem.
Roy - Prefex!
Pharmacist 1 - Aisle four, sir.
Roy - Prefex!
Pharmacist 1 - Did you call security?

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