segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange - It's amazing you kept him alive. Apneic, further brain stem testing after reflex test... I think I found the 1.___________, Dr. Palmer. You left a bullet in his head.
Dr. Palmer - Thanks. It's impinging on the medulla. I needed a specialist to 2.___________ brain death. Something about that doesn't feel right to me.
Dr. Strange - We have to run.
Dr. Palmer - Dr. West! What are you doing? Hey!
Dr. West - Organ harvesting. He's a donor.
Dr. Palmer - Slow down. I did not 3.___________ to that.
Dr. West - I don't need you to. We've already called brain death.
Dr. Strange - Too prematurely. We need to get him prepped for a sub occipital craniotomy.
Dr. West - I'm not going to let you operate on a dead man.
Dr. Strange - What do you see?
Dr. West - A 4.___________?
Dr. Strange - A perfect bullet. It's been hardened. You harden a bullet by alloying lead with antimony. A toxic metal. And as it leaks directly into the cerebral spinal fluid...
Dr. West - Rapid-onset central nervous system shutdown.
Dr. Strange - We need to go. The patient's not dead, but he's dying. Do you still want to harvest his 5.___________? Dr. West - I'll assist you.
Dr. Strange - No! Dr. Palmer will assist me.
Dr. Palmer -Thank you.

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