segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

World War Z

Karin - Get her medicine, I'll get us something to eat. I'll meet you back here.
Gerry - Stay close, honey.
Man - What do you 1.____________?
Gerry - Albuterol.
Man - They outgrow the asthma supposedly. And this shit, too. It's magic for my 2.____________.
Gerry - Thank you
Connie - Daddy!
Gerry - Connie?
Connie - Daddy!
Gerry - Connie?
Connie - Daddy!
Gerry - Where's 3.____________?
Karin - Gerry! Gerry!
Gerry - Karin? Karin? 
Karin - Gerry! Gerry! Get off of me! Get off of me! That's all I 4.____________. Gerry! 
Gerry - Hey! - Hey! 
Officer (on radio) - Multiple 11-99s at Washington Park. Please, send units. We're falling back on Reed Street.
Female dispatch - Two Robert 12, units need backup. Mobile ops is down. Please respond. Two Robert 12, are you there? Copy. 
Gerry - 5.____________!

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