segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

Hangover 3

Dr. Stu - 1.____________ okay?
Pharmacist – Well, it's just a strange request. This 2.____________, in this amount, and a pack of syringes, it's just a little weird.
Dr. Stu - Yeah. It's's kind of an 3.____________, so...
Pharmacist – See, that right there, and you're acting all fidgety, plus you look like shit. In our business, these are all red flags. I need to call a prescribing 4.____________ and make sure everything's okay.
Dr. Stu - Aha. Well, you're in luck because I actually am a prescribing doctor.
Pharmacist – Oh, boy. Another red flag It says here you're a 5.____________.
Dr. Stu - Yeah, doctor of Dental Science.

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